Yet Another Day When I Should Be Working

Last night while watching the Men’s Snowboard Cross I started my next project. It’s a sewing one. Part of my New Years ambitions are to increase by sewing abilities. I have a sewing machine which sits lonely in a cupboard of the flat. I would love to be good at using it but unfortunately every time I take it out I end up cursing it the swearing never to use it again. I surprised I never dumped it in the bin prior to this. Also my lack of money is proving a driving force in my will to re-learn how to sew. The lining on my beloved winter coat is looking a little sad in places and I want to prolong its life as long as possible.

Anyway, back on topic, I came across this cute little idea for a cover for the strap on my DSLR. I love the idea of personalizing it and adding a little bit of a feminine twist on its brutish masculine design. And its such an easy project! A perfect starting point for me.

I got a fat quarter of some cute fabric on Ebay, and it arrived yesterday in the post. Although I’m not in love with it for use as a camera strap cover, it’s such an easy project that it would be very easy to make several depending on your mood. Now I need to think of what to do with the remaining fabric.

Anyway, last night I cut out the fabric and ironed the seams ready for sewing. Following a slip up with the sizing (Never forget the golden rule of woodwork: Measure twice, cut once. It definitely applies to sewing), I was ready to go. I intended to finish it tonight but I had an hour to kill at lunch time and thought ‘why not?’ It only took a few minutes after setting myself up with my chosen threads, to sew it then turn it inside out and thread it onto the strap. And it looks fab for the effort involved! I’m really happy with it. The only snag is that perhaps I should have been a little more generous with the length as the yellow lines of the below strap are peeking out a little. Oh well. Overall, its a success, very much recommended.


1 Response to “Yet Another Day When I Should Be Working”

  1. 1 Fern @ Craftblog March 4, 2010 at 2:22 am

    It looks great, well done!

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