Preparing for the Apocalypse

I have an inherited need to always have a well stocked cupboard. My dad feels this intense need too. I think it was prompted after being snowed into our home (we never got snow, but you couldn’t open the door because of the drifts in this particular freak event) for a week. I feel this need too for some reason. I usually keep assorted beans, chopped tomatoes, some tinned veggies, curry sauce and so on. But I’ve realized that I’m just throwing away money buying Italian tomato sauces for quick pasta suppers. The thing is, I’ve always been pretty lazy and thought it would be an impossibility that the food would keep in jars without incubating some kind of life form. But after a pizza party the other week, I made this stellar tomato sauce for the base and I was convinced to go for it.

I stored up my jars, washed and scrubbed them and put them to dry in the oven at 140 degrees C. Meanwhile I got on with my sauce which was composed of:

  1. 8 Medium Onions, several cloves of Garlic (about 4) and a liberal dash of Olive Oil in a large soup pot on a low heat to sweat down for 5 minutes.
  2. Odds and Ends of Vegetables you have in the fridge (optional, I used some mushrooms, peppers and cherry tomatoes), bung them all in on top of your Onions.
  3. tablespoon of dried Basel or Oregano (its good to have this in early to soften it up and infuse. Fresh can also be used but put it in last, or when you want to use your sauce) in your pot also. Leave for 5 more minutes for the veggies to soften up.
  4. Empty 6 cans of tomatoes and a carton of passata and leave your sauce to simmer away on a low heat. Occasionally check on it and give it a stir. Leave to simmer for as long as possible. I left mine for 3 hours but 5 would have been preferable.
  5. Blend and empty into jars while still hot.

We had some for dinner with pasta and chive and pork sausages and fresh focaccia and it was delicious. I see lots of chilli, lasagna, Bolognese and all sorts in the future!


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