10 for ’10

I know its a little late for New Year’s resolutions and I was going to keep this list until my next birthday but they are just dates, so why not now? There are a few things that have struck my lately as things I really want to do, but never really get round to. I’ve been inspired my a friend of mine who is turning 30. As part of it, she want to do 30 things to celebrate. I found myself contributing so many things to the list that I though ‘why am I telling someone to do the things I’ve always wanted to??!’ So I’m getting my finger out, I’m not going to make any more excuses, and hopefully having this blog will be the push I need. So here goes:

  1. Make my own cards – I took up photography last Autumn and I really need to start printing good shots as cards Done! See my embossed homemade cards with free printables
  2. Knit an item of clothing that is not a hat/scarf/mittens – I have an enormous fear of washing something I lovingly slaved over. I’d destroy it, thats just my luck – Work in progress
  3. Try my hand at Fimo Jewelry – I got a Fimo kit as a gift for christmas because I was banging on about wanting to try it for so long. It’s time I opened the box Done! See my Fimo Cupcakes and Fimo Button Tutorial, not to mention all the projects to use them in!
  4. Sell something I made – I think this must be one of the greatest feeling of achievement ever. Someone wants something you made enough to pay. Wow
  5. Make Macaroons – or this year’s cupcakes as their called. They look utterly irresistible
  6. Finish refurbishing my piano stool – after six years piano-less, I invested in a digital one a little over a year ago. Funds were so tight that I couldn’t quite stretch to a new piano stool to match. I went to our local second hand furniture store and managed to find a rather forlorn looking one (with promise) for the bargain price of £10. Despite initial enthusiasm work on it has ground to a halt.
  7. Design my own custom scrabble board – I love scrabble but hate the plastic-y boards and tiles that they now sell. And if you can make custom chess boards why not a scrabble board?
  8. Make cereal cover sketch books – I fly through sketch books and have bundles of left over, large, high grade paper perfect for making this Moleskine-esque books and I’m dying to try mixing sewing machines and paper – Done! Although I did chicken out of putting paper through my sewing machine. I did however try glue binding with my Sunday Sudoku Book, and staple binding with my Scrap Paper Notebooks.
  9. Eat something I’ve grown myself from seed – This may not seem the greatest challenge, but I live in an apartment in Scotland. Enough said? – Done! I grew delicious cherry tomatoes in two little window boxes in my apartment. Yum, Yum!
  10. Take time once a week to just sit on a bench in the sun taking in the world – I know this sounds highly naff and crass and I apologize. But I get very worked up and stressed over deadlines and I don’t take enough time to smell the roses.

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