Bejeweled and Bedazzled

I’ve been at it again. Beading that is. I tend to go months without making a thing and now all of a sudden I can’t get enough of it. There is a reason for it though. I got up this morning with the hope or brewing a pot of tea and doing a little bit of morning knitting in my PJ’s (such a guilty pleasure!), only to get down to it and find I’m not going to have enough yarn to finish it. This has to be a knitters worst nightmare. Its happened to me before and you’d think I’d learn. So that just put me in the worst mood ever. Thankfully I sat in front of my bead boxes and hoped for a distraction from my knitting faux pas. And this is what I finished up with!

A suede cord, knotted necklace using the beads I picked up from the bead fair last weekend. I really like it, it’s really light and just a little bit trashy thanks to those leopard print beads! And after I made it, I stumbled on an (almost) replica in fat face!

And secondly, a beaded bookmark. I’m going to Portugal in a few weeks and this is going to come in handy for the reading I’m planning on bringing. It uses a special bead to me, the little bear. I bought it when I was in Berlin last October with friends. I stumbled across a really funky (there is no other kind of shop in Berlin) bead shop, Tukadu, and ended up spending 3 euro on this one little bear (it was one of those moments when the idiot tourist blindly hands over a note, only to cough and splutter at the severe lack of change that is returned). But it’s sweet and reminds me of good times. Also included in it are some odd beads. The large green one, and the small, oval, pinky beads are ones I came across on a walk in town with my boyfriend. They were strewn across the pavement, and much to my boyfriend’s embarrassment, I scavenged them! I think I put them to good use.

There are four different strands each connected to every second link of a piece of chain which it then attached to the bookmark itself. These can be picked up at your local bead shop for about £0.75. I have a bookworm friend and I think one will have to be made to send to her, especially since it is so quick, and easy to assemble and the results look awesome.


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