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An End in Sight

My new Cardi is almost (finally) done. Why is it that the last few steps always seem to take forever? I’ve completed the main body and now I’m picking up the stitches for the final ribbing to the front. But living away from home and trying to complete it is proving very difficult. Firstly, I had the wrong needle size with me, and had to wait a week before I could pick the right ones up; and secondly, in trying to pick up 166 stitches I’m trying count that I have enough. Very hard to do in the craziness that is living with flat mates. The beauty of having Mr. A around, is that I can at any point tell him (kindly) to shut up. Oh well. So I’ve spent the entire evening counting and recounting and I’m still not coming up with the right numbers. Sigh. There is always tomorrow….

But hopefully, there will be a final unveiling before the end of the month(ish) as I promised. I’m aiming for the weekend. Wish me luck.


Keep it Bottled Up

I just haven’t been able to throw a plastic bottle away since discovering how to make recycled bottle beads. So I’ve amassed loads but haven’t done anything with them yet. So I sat down to see what came and seeing as I’ve been in a bracelet frame of mind lately, thats what I ended up with!

The bracelet above is my favourite. Considering it’s made from recycled, salvaged material and a few cheap spacer beads I think it looks really quite proper and professional. Adding to that that I love the contrast between the orange/pink/purple, I think I’m definately going to have to get going on making a necklace to match.

The other bracelet, was inspired by the blue/green coloring of the beads. I thought they looked seaweed and I found this little fishy in my stash and there we have it.

A Bud-ding Talent

Remember how I was telling you, during my exams, that my tomatoes were shooting up in the good weather and had almost outgrown their plastic bottle greenhouses? Well just look at them now?!

I’m not living at home at the moment, so I only get to see them at the weekends so every time I do, I’m bursting with glee when I see how much they have progressed.

Aren’t they are ginormous! And look, they have the makings of flowers! And what comes after flowers??? Yes, I do believe I’m well on my way to achieving no. 9 on my list.

Make Mine a Double

Friends of Mr. A. and I have started brewing their own ale and have been making a new batch every two months or so through the Winter. I’ve been so jealous at their new found expertise that I decided to try my hand at something similar. I don’t have any of the kit needed for beer (nor do I want more ‘stuff’ crammed into the flat) so beer was out. However, after being inspired by Demijohn in Edinburgh, and in the hopes of capturing that summer feeling, it was agreed that flavoured vodka was the way. I found a recipe for cherry vodka in June’s Olive magazine and adapted it slightly, and Mr. A’s vodka was going to be a variation on the recipe using lemon.

First, the cherry vodka:

  1. Slit 200g of Cherries and place them in a pot
  2. Add 100g of Caster Sugar and 75ml of Water and bring to the boil
  3. Stirring occasionally, simmer the cherries with the lid on for about 15 minutes
  4. Strain the mixture. I used coffee filters, muslin cloth could also be used
  5. Add 400ml of Vodka to the cherry juice and decant into a bottle
  6. Leave for a month to infuse and then enjoy! Keep in the freezer to get the best taste, and drink straight as an after dinner drink or with tonic for a fizzy summer treat.

Mr. A. followed the same recipe but replaced the cherries with lemon. Beware though, the lemon was much more difficult to strain and I think came out far more cloudy that the cherry. I guess the real test will be in a months time when they are ready to drink (although I think I know mine is going to be the better :P). Thats just in time for my birthday! Add good weather and a BBQ and it will be good times.

This is such a simple recipe and it doesn’t take much time at all, the only problem is restraining yourself for 1 month while you wait for it to be drinkable. I’m already planning to try it with other flavours; rhubarb, lime, basil, vanilla…. Long may Summer last.

A Birthday Party has officially been born! I’m delighted. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I’d like to really commit to K1SL1 and whatever it is evolving into. I’m so excited about what could be to come and I’m delighted I finally took the leap to finalize it.

So to celebrate, cakey-loveliness was in order. I headed to Madeleines in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. It does the most stunning cakes and I’ve been trying to find a minute to check it out. Rather than trying one of their tempting cakes, I opted for a macaroon. I’m sorry to say I had never tried them before, and as they are no. 5 on my list of 10 for ’10, I thought it might be a good idea to try before I baked. They are delicious! Especially vanilla macaroons. I think every birthday of K1SL1 should be celebrated with them from now on.

Here’s wishing for good things to come!

Flower Power

Flowers seem to be the next big thing in fashion and jewelry at the moment. I was flicking through July’s Marie Claire in in the space of three or four pages came across these examples. With my new found love for polymer clay, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Hey, if it’s good enough for Dior?

I kneaded out a rectangle shape for the flower centre and then rolled it up and then added roughly circular shapes to the outside as petals. It was easy as pie. My first ones were the large roses, it was a little more difficult to get the hang of the smaller ones at first. I then cut off any excess at the bottom to get a nice clean edge and made a hole through with a needle. After baking, I coated them in fimo varnish to give them a nice slightly gloss finish and to give added strength. The only regret I have it that you can still see my fingers prints in the petals! Oh well.

I don’t have a solid plan for them just yet (the story of my crafting life), but I attempted to make a copy of one of the rings shown in the adds above. I think it’s quite sweet. Shame about the Irish girls, translucent hand it’s on!

Statement Necklace Workshop

I really like chunky jewelry. And ever since I started making jewelry I’ve been trying to create some. The main problem being that most beads that you buy are dainty and petite and far too small for a chunky necklace. I’ve been trying to make a statement necklace using smaller beads though and toying with techniques. And I’m delighted with my final experiment. Using a million headpins (more like 100), you thread the beads onto them and loop the end as many times as possible. Repeat this over all your beads and then thread them onto some tigertail. By wrapping you loops multiple times, it secures your bead in place and lessens movement and without much effort there is a great mix of color and shape in the necklace, unlike with other methods used. I really like it and I’m impressed with the professional look. Any thoughts?

This is one of the failed attempts. It’s lots of smaller strings of beads connected. It just doesn’t have the ‘wholeness’ of the other and tends to seperate which is not what I was trying to achieve. I also tried putting beads on head pins and attaching them to chain. This was a step closer but it’s tricky to get an even mix of color and to get the beads to hang the way you intended. Overall the top solution wins hands down.

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