Elegance Rediscovered

This project is inspired by the amazing sexiness of Amanda Seyfried and the film Chloe. It’s just now out on DVD and I really recommend a watch if you’ve got the time. I can’t properly explain how sexy she is (boys want her, girls want to be her etc.) but this little project is a little step by me to try and capture some of what she’s got.

Through the movie her main weapon of seduction is a stunning vintage hair comb (as above). I remember when I was little we always had hair combs about the house, my mum used them. I perceived them as very grown up. But where have they gone now? I never see people wearing them. So girls, lets rediscover the timelessness of them. For a lack of finding any metal combs I had to settle for black plastic ones from Boots (work fine, but I’ve extremely thick hair and so gentleness is required). And inspired by my plaited retro necklace and the fact that I’m dreaming of winter parties, I opted to recreate a shimmery gold plaited detail to fix onto my comb.

  1. Cut 6 pieces of beading thread three times the length of your comb
  2. Knot pairs of thread together (so your left with 3 double strands).
  3. Thread each piece with enough seed beads to cover a little over the length of your comb (the strands will loose length as they are plaited)
  4. Knot the ends of each pair once threaded. Knot the Three pieces together and fix to one end of your comb (I used UHU, as it has a little give. It doesn’t have to be a permanent fix) and leave to dry
  5. Plait the three stands as tightly as you can and knot the thread ends together and fix to the other end of the comb as before.
  6. Using illusion cord (or a thread of similar color to your beads) thread through your plait and around your comb from end to end to secure. (coat ends of cord in clear nail polish to secure)

Although I don’t quite feel as sexy as Chloe I do feel like a bit of a 1920’s moll wearing it. I love it.


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