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Adventures with Buttons: Part III

Here comes fimo button tutorial number three: This time it is a super simple two minute craft and perfect for kids. Using you own homemade fimo buttons or bought ones and some magnetic tape. Simply cut and stick a piece of magnetic tape to fit on the back of your buttons and that’s it! It is just that simple. Then start putting them into action on your fridge or notice-board and enjoy them.


A Break from the Norm

I’m free from everything for a few days. Hooray. I’ve been spending my days hanging around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival trying to cram in as many shows and gigs as possible, flicking through cookbooks and getting on with a new knitting project (more about that one later, I promise). I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as me. Back to normal on Monday, what a shame. Happy Weekend!

Boyfriend Hat

Time for a free pattern. Mr. A. was nagging for a new autumn winter hat; somthing similar too but not as heavy as Something for the Weekend. I used some amazing bargain wool I bought on email and knit a scarf out of last Christmas for him. It’s a double knit yarn with an angora blend from what I can tell. I attempted to come up with a new exciting pattern but I was swiftly reminded (by Mr. A) that I was knitting it from a man. Therefore any kind of delicate pattern got thrown out in favour of something simple and basic. He was delighted

So here is Knit1 Slip1’s Boyfriend Hat, a free pattern for you to enjoy. It’s a lovely soft and slouchy hat but not too warm but perfect for keeping out the rain and cold of the coming season. I love it so much that I desperately want to knit myself one. But Mr. A. has an irrational belief that even if I knit this pattern with new wool in different colors or a new pattern with the same wool it will be exactly like his. Therefore we would be one of those sad couples who match. Men.

Learning New Things

Something I’ve been wanting to do for ages is learn how to screen print and now finally I am (this is my first experiment above). Woop! Like most crafters and arty folk, I seen to have a sort of ADD when it comes to committing fully to one art form, instead I seem to want to try my hand at everything! Which makes for a very expensive lifestyle. In a bid to save money I am now fully decided on having a Crafty Christmas. Not a bought thing in sight, instead everything will be fashioned from bare materials with love 🙂 bit cheesy eh?! So from now until December I’m going to be a knitting, sewing, jewel-ing crafting and screenprinting machine! Hooray. I hope no-one sees through my plan as being the ultimate gift for me rather than my present recipients. Four whole months of extreme crafting 😀

Adventures with Buttons: Part II

Time for another button craft! I told you I’d be back with more. Today, it’s this cute little button collection. You can wear it as a broach, hair clip, or even attach it to a hair band. Or all three! I’ve been noticing these button collections around lately and they are just so adorable (like the lovely pigeon‘s ones), but my purse can’t stretch to treating myself. So here is my handmade alternative!

All you need for this project is:

  • Buttons (your own homemade fimo ones or standard buttons)
  • Felt
  • Needle and thread (sewing and embroidery thread)
  • Scrap of card
  • Circle template (I used the top of a jam jar)
  • Scrap of wadding (or anything spongey)

Next, follow these easy steps:

  1. Cut three circle templates; one in card and two in felt
  2. Cut out you circles; cut your card and one of your felt templates inside your marked circle and one felt cirle larger than your drawn template (as shown below in picture 2)
  3. Place a small piece of wadding between your card template and large felt circle and hold in place.
  4. On the other side of the card place your small felt circle. Pull your large felt circle around to meet the smaller one and sew in place. It should now look a little like a pin cushion.
  5. Take your buttons and arrange them as you like them on the padded side and sew in place with embroidery thread.
  6. Sew your button colletion to a broach finding/hair clip/hair band or whatever takes your fancy and enjoy! You could even dress this up further by adding some netting and attaching it to a hairband as a wedding facinater. Or why not try contrasting colours and shapes of buttons or threads and felt?

Your Country’s Nanas Need You!

I know Christmas is coming, when my smooties start wearing little woolen hats to keep them warm. Strangely, over the last few years, this is one of my Christmas highlights. I spend ages looking at all the smartly dressed bottles trying to decide on my favourite when in reality I want to take them all home!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (and are starting to think I’ve lost my marbles), I’m yabbering on about the Innocent Smootie Big Knit. Every year they call on people to knit little hats (egg cozies really) and donate them to innocent. Innocent then bedeck their bottles with them and sell them during the months leading up to Christmas. It’s not all a gimick. For every bottle they sell with a little hat, they donate 35p to Age Concern and Help the Aged. And given the atrocious winter we had last year, and the huge increase in heating costs, I really believe this is a good cause and worthy of some of my time to whip some up.

I thoroughly encourage you to download a hatometer to plan your knitting goals and a sample sheet of patterns. And if you’re not a knitter, there are even crochet directions. I’m getting started already because I know the knitted and crafted gifts for family will be stressing me out in the final run up to Christmas, and I just won’t get time otherwise. It happens to all of us.

The pattern is very simple, and you can easily whip up a plain cosy in a few minutes using left over yarn that probably would go to waste otherwise. So this is my pledge to knit 50 cozies for this country’s nanas. This isn’t a completely selfless exercise. I fell good about it, have fun experimenting with patterns, and you just know I’m going to spend all over Demember scouring the shops trying to spot my knits!

Here are the first half dozen of my knits. Plain and simple to get me started 😀 For some inspiration and a giggle, check out the imaginative cozies being knitted by others.

Blonde Moments

Monday is baking day! Well not really. Baking should really be restricted to the weekends and times when I don’t have to work. Today I REALLY should be working. But what is a girl to do when she stumbles upon a great new baking recipe? It is my duty to my Knit1Slip1 readers that I test it out. Although I may have been pushing it when I made itty-bitty flags for my blondie summit. But hey, don’t they make them look even cuter? Try some for yourself with Rachel Allen’s Blondie Recipe. She has some great recipes, and plays a solid second to Nigella in my preferred baking recipe source. Oo, also I heard whispers about Nigella having a new series starting soon. Perfect for putting on all that pre-winter weight to get me through this Scottish climate.

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