Making Business Cards at Home

I’ve had it in mind that I’ve wanted to make some business cards for awhile now. Wow! It’s difficult. This is not to dissuade people from doing it. The actual making up of them is really simple, the hard part is deciding what you what it to look like! Picture or no picture? What text? Color? Placement? Size? And I’m indecisive at the best of times. Yipes! The best advice I can give you is to spend a while just making up a whole load of different ones, print them out and leave them for a few days without making any decisions. Then you can come at it with a fresh head. Most importantly, get other people’s opinion. They can give an unbiased opinion, unlike you.

First draw out a template on your chosen computer program (I used InDesign and Photoshop) – a dashed rectangle, size 86mm x 54mm. You can use this to create all your multiple layout options. Just copy and paste the template over your page.

Next add the information you find most important to the promotion of you business – Name, web-address, etsy shop, email, address, phone number, whatever you feel is most important. I put name, web-address, email and etsy shop (still in progress, up and running soon I hope)

Finally, have a play around – Add images of your work, or your logo, or something that you feel represents what you stand for; play with colors or the color of card that you print out on.

To change a standard home printed business card into something special, why don’t you try what I did? I used my Die Cut XL to emboss my logo and make it stand out, and rounded the corners using a £3 rounded corner punch I bought. Have a play around!

But what good timing! Knit1Slip1 broke 250 views yesterday thanks to the very kind Rachel at One Pretty Thing. My Summer Bow tutorial was featured in yesterday’s Daily DIY. How awesome. And I got up today to find my Fimo Button Tutorial has been featured in today’s Daily DIY! If you don’t know their site, check it out! It gives a round up of all the great crafting ideas on the net, and is updated constantly (I don’t know how they do it). Thanks One Pretty Thing!


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