Volcano Bracelet Tutorial

I realize it has been an age since I posted any homemade jewelry. There has been a whole lot of knitting about instead. Perhaps I’m getting ready for hibernation mode? But it can’t all be home knit jumpers and sweat pants in my future, there have to be glitzy party days too right? Here’s hoping! In anticipation, I present to you Knit1 Slip1’s Volcano Bracelet. It is a glamorous, quirky little project and takes less than an hour to make. Better still it is really simple. It can be made into a bracelet (like the pictures) or a necklace. All the directions can be found on this free printable. I look forward to seeing your takes on it!

And in other news:

I’m stuck at home with a head cold (which is driving me mad because the weather is stunning at the moment and I’m stuck at home). So in-between working my way through Scotland’s Kleenex supply and slurping Covent Garden Chicken Soup (yum!) I have managed to do some much needed Blog tidying up. And, there is a new feature within the blog – My monthly ‘Object of Desire.’ A place to showcase all the amazing loveliness out there to purchase for a reasonable fee. I’d better get saving…


4 Responses to “Volcano Bracelet Tutorial”

  1. 1 Rachel September 5, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    That is so, so pretty! I love it! Thanks so much for this. I just grabbed the printable and I’ll be spreading the word as well!

  2. 3 Claire November 20, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    I do not make jewelry (wish I knew how, maybe soon I’ll take time to learn), but I saw this beautiful bracelet on OnePrettyThing and had to come see your blog! It is gorgeous!!! How creative you are!

    • 4 Emma November 21, 2010 at 1:06 pm

      You’re very kind, and up to last Christmas I didn’t make jewelry either. Except a friend gave me a starter kit and I went on from there. There is no special magic involved, I just keep my eyes open as to what my friends are wearing and shops are stocking and make my own interpretation of them. I’d highly recommend (if you’re interested) one of these kits (some pliers, wire, findings, and a few beads). The time however, is something I can’t help with. I think everyone struggles with it. Sometimes I wish I had the patience to just stick with one interest! Being crafty is a burden sometimes as you’ll know 😛

      Glad you enjoyed the bracelet and I hope you had a look around the site.

      Also I’m a big fan of OnePrettyThing too, except I just want to give everything a try, and Rachel is constantly updating! 😀


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