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The Importance of a White Box

A white box is an absolute must for lots of people – photographers, bloggers, etsy sellers and many more. It it a white lined box which gives a neutral and light filled photo of whatever object you place inside it. Ever wonder how some people manage to make their crafts or products look like they are floating in mid air? It’s because they have a white box.

Want one? Don’t worry, to make your own you don’t need to fork out a load of cash. In fact you can make a pretty mean version using the most basic of supplies and as an added bonus, it only takes ten minutes. Even if you’re only photographing things to sell on Ebay, they produce a top class photo which will help to really sell your item.

To make a white box all you need is – a cardboard box, double sided tape, white card/thick paper

To assemble:

  1. Cut down one side of you box (Fig. 1)
  2. Using a craft knife and cutting board, measure out the sides of you cardboard box and cut out using your white card (Fig. 2-4)
  3. Finally do the same and cut out a base in white card (Fig.5)
  4. Using double sided tape, stick each of the white boards in place. And that’s it. You’re ready to get photographing. Place the box in a well lit space (either naturally or using lamps) and place you’re object inside and snap away.

As you can see I’ve been getting busy using my light box. It’s all for a secret cause to be revealed in the next day or two…. I can’t wait to tell you! Happy snapping.



V&A Dundee Campaign

A few weeks ago we went to the V&A at Dundee (Making it Happen) exhibition in Dundee. Exhibited were proposals for an off-shoot of the iconic London Museum to be located in Dundee. They had already had a design competition and shortlisted the winners down to 6 designs. 6 designs by (mostly) international superstar architects. So what a great day trip to go and have a nosey round, see some amazing drawings and models.

The shortlisted designs and their architects (from left to right above) are: Delugan Meissl, Kengo Kuma, REX, Snohetta, Steven Holl, and Sutherland Hussey. How awesome for a little place like Dundee?

I have a favourite, and while it was hard to pick out (there are no absolute winners in this pile. Nothing screams success or shows itself to be superior to the others. Although one of two scream failure – Holl, have some respect. Half-assed schemes are nothing to be proud of), my overall winner was Kengo Kuma. Aswell as being a super cool architect, Kuma has created something of a mix between the De Young Museum in San Francisco and Casa da Musica in Porto. It could be so cool. And just a few days ago I found out that the winner is…. Kuma! Awesome, the winner of the public vote however was REX.

But any of these on a budget of £40 million and by 2014? No way. Zaha Hadid’s Stirling Prize winning MAXI Museum in Rome cost £140 and is on par in size and didn’t even include building it on a non existent site over the water. Best of luck Dundee, but I’m not holding my breath.

My Architect Gloves

It’s time for the unveiling of the new Knit1 Slip1 pattern, Hooray! Oh I’m so excited and delighted at this. This is a pattern that I’m been thinking of, and dreaming of and working on since the Summer, and I just couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Say hello to ‘My Architect Gloves!’

As you know I’m an architecture nut, and these gloves are for all those people similar to me – for architects, architecture enthusiasts, engineers, planners, builders, laborers or anyone at all that thinks buildings are neat (that’s me!). The pattern has a cute little house motif repeated throughout the glove and the best thing about them is that they are fingerless. So they are absolutely perfect for crafty folk who need to keep their hands warm but their fingers free when they are out and about to sketch, draw, take photographs, use their iPhone, knit whatever.

I’m planning to whip up a bunch of them for my friends because of all the compliments I’ve gotten from my male and female archi-nut friends. The pattern is both in written instruction and easy to follow chart form and uses 2 contrasting skeins of Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn. Within those 2 skeins you can knit 3 pairs of gloves (maybe even 4 if you’re being frugal). They are knitted in the round with no making up (my favourite kind of knitting).

For more pictures and details and to buy the pattern for £2.50 (US$4.00) head over to Ravelry or you can buy your own electronic copy now through paypal

Stop Motion Post-it Genius

Just a small little post today. One to tell you to keep posted because I’m getting ready for the launch of a new pattern in the next few days. I’m so excited about it. It’s one of those designs that I’ve had floating around my head for ages and I’ve only just been able to transform it from an idea to a new knit. And for once the knit lives up to my idea. I’m super excited to show you all.

In the mean time, please accept this small offering. I’m a huge fan of stop motion animation and I came accross this the other day. It is a media studies student’s submission for class. Of course he passed with flying colors. Check it out – Deadline. Any one have any idea how you can make stop motion videos from home?

6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Knots

‘6 Ways with… Hair Clips’ has come to an end. But to finish off the series is one of my favourite experiments. Following on the success of the Figure of 8 Necklace, this is another knot themed accessory. These knots are a little more adventurous but once you’ve got the hang of the basics with the Figure of 8, these are simply a step up in difficulty. Just have patience and follow these great online tutorials and you can’t go wrong – Mast Head

KnotOcean Plait. I made my miniature knots out of twine so they fit nicely on a regular sized hair clip. When you’re finished with your knot, just like making the knot necklace, tuck in any loose ends and simply glue of sew to your hair clip cover.

Do you like them? In other news, I’ve been struck with a bad cold and have lost my voice. Hello cold season. So I’m trying to battle through in order to get a brand spanking new knitting pattern out. I can’t wait to show this one to you. Soon my pretties!



6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Beads

Today’s hair clip idea is both simple and infuriating. I’m a beader. And one of the biggest problems I suffer from is committing to my chosen beads. I spent most of my time going ‘how about this’ or ‘ooo, what about these?’ By the time I get round to deciding it’s three hours later and I’m exhausted. So for me teaming bead decisions with all the possible patterns to sew them on in, is an endless pass time. I started with a simple combo this time but I think it’s the kind of craft that I’m going to do over and over and have one in every color and for every mood. I can’t wait.

To make a beaded hair clip, I used a jumbo hair clip but you could use a normal sized one with seed beads or smaller sized beads. Simply sew your chosen beads on to your hair clip cover in your desired pattern. Like the rest of these hair clip tutorials it couldn’t be simpler. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your own accessories. I’d love to see them!

Crazy for Coconut

I’m back to reality today. And how nice it is to be home and back into the same routine. Unfortunatly, as is always the case when you get back from being away, the fridge is bare. So this morning I whipped up a loaf of Bill Granger’s Coconut Bread. The smell of bread baking in the oven is making the transition to being back much easier. Now to tackle that gigantic stack of mail! Yipes…. Have a good morning everyone.

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