December’s Object of Desire

This December I’m yearning for anything Baggu! Baggu produce a range of reusable lightweight bags for everyday use; from your basic shoppers to more quirky bag sizes for smaller storage, or cute retro bags (mustard backpack below). Each bag comes in every imaginable colour or with beautiful prints on them. I love them and I love the ethos behind the company. It’s a collection of designers and artist who have nurtured and created a roaring success of their crafty company. I wish!

  1. Baggu X3 $22 for three shoppers
  2. Baggu Zip M $12 for all three bags
  3. Baggu $8
  4. Baggu S $8 for three bags
  5. Baggu $8
  6. Baggu Backpack $28

I love the bags because I want to be green. And I think alot of people agree with me. I want to be green but I find it difficult sometimes. I live in a city, and I suppose selfishly, sometimes I chose things for convenience rather than green-ness. Daily life just interferes with it. But one of my green activities is my aversion to plastic bags. They are everywhere, with shops showering you with them. So, I always carry a collection of reusable shoppers in my bag ready to go at any minute. They are far sturdier, better quality, can generally carry more and have the added bonus of being a style accessory. Why would you not carry one?

But as for December’s object being Baggu Bags, well that’s just not very festive is it? Actually it is. I hate wrapping paper. It is used for all of ten seconds, ripped apart and then binned. Even if you recycle it it’s not great use of your time and cash. So why not wrap up your presents in another present? Put them in a Baggu Bag? They come in a range of great sizes for every present. The receiver gets a beautiful bag and you don’t have to spend hours cursing over the sellotape and wrapping paper going awry.

But the best thing about the bags???? A selection of them are going to being in our upcoming Christmas giveaway! Hooray! More details coming in the next few days, so keep posted!


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