6 Ways with Snowflakes… Beads

Well the snow came with a bang last Saturday. Actually lots and lots of bang and some flashes too. It was one of the most spectacular thunder storms I’ve ever witnessed during a Scottish Winter. And it has barely stopped snowing since then. It’s 10 days later here and we’re still trapped – snowed and now iced in. It’s -5 degrees according to the thermometer, we haven’t had post or rubbish collection in those 10 days and we are running very low on food. Good news is that is it still possible to trek to the local shop to get supplies. Bad news is that I am so very under prepared for this that the most appropriate food wear I own is a pair of chuck taylors. Humph. So I’m trying my very best to stay warm and dry inside but I am going mad.

But finally I’ve giving in to the weather and I have made a vow, that if I can’t beat it, well I might as well join it eh? So here begins the next of our ‘6 Ways with…’ series and this time we’re dealing with the humble but beautiful snowflake.

Snowflakes are the perfect winter symbol. I always put them up around the house in the run up to Christmas. I’m not allowed to put up actual decorations as Mr. A. is a Christmas baby and therefore the tradition has always been that his birthday is celebrated then Christmas, rather than being overshadowed. But snowflakes are acceptable and also I leave them up well into January and until the beginning of February, the end of snow season really. So lets begin shall we?

This is a really fun craft and uses up odd and ends of beads. I use these snowflakes as window decorations but they also look great on the Christmas tree. What you’ll need is:

  • Beadsmith Snowflake Wire Pack (every good beading shop will have these this time of year)
  • Beads of any shape, size or color. I used a mixture of clear, white and silver but colourful snowflakes would look great too.
  • Round nose pliers
  • Ribbon/Illusion cord to hang your snowflakes
  • Craft Wire (optional)

To assemble them is simple, just:

  1. Take your snowflake wire and start pushing beads down each strand. Leave 1 cm of wire still visible. When you’re happy with your arrangement, take you round nose pliers and turn the wire at the end to form a loop and to close your snowflake strand.
  2. Repeat this all the way around your snowflake
  3. If you want you can fix stings of beads between your snowflake strands by taking some craft wire. String with beads. Wrap one end of your craft wire around a snowflake strand and go to the next strand and wrap again. Repeat this until you join your strand all together, as shown in the two snowflakes in the below right photo.
  4. Finally when your finished, take some ribbon and pass it through one of your snowflake loops. Tie and hang.


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