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Delicious Jamie Oliver

Some evenings you just want to snuggle down with something delicious. Cakes are all well and good, but not something you really crave after dinner. But as well as wanting an after dinner treat, it needs to be quick. I have no time for faffing around at the moment. So when I came across Jamie’s 30 Minute meals I just knew it was my kind of book. He cooks a main, sides and a dessert all in a 30 minute time limit. The reason I’ve stayed away from his recipes in the past is that there is just so much faffing about. I’d be in the kitchen for hours and while I like to cook, life is just too short for that sort of thing. But three in 30? Yes please!

So after scouring our fridge for possible ingredients for dessert, I settled on his Silky Chocolate Ganache – just chocolate, cream and orange zest and a knob of butter. Simple! Melt it all together, pour into small bowls (or cups) and leave to cool in the fridge. It couldn’t be easier. In fact I did it while I was doing the washing up. And now we have little pots of yumminess for after dinner treats. Brilliant. Have you got any suggestions for other quick and easy desserts?


Shop Update

So as part of Project 2011 I’m expanding my Etsy Empire. Ha, that’s laughable. An Empire it is not, a cosy little collection is probably more apt and more to my liking. I’m having such fun thinking up and bringing to life my ideas. My little cupcake markers have been such a hit, that I thought I would make a little something for baking queens and the non-knitting divas out there. May I introduce Cupcake Love Necklaces. All the deliciousness but with non of the calories of the real thing! Perfect for maintaining all those New Year’s Diet resolutions.

You can choose from four yummy varieties – Strawberry Frosted, Sprinkles, Raspberry Swirl and Cherry on top. You can find them in my Etsy Shop for £5.70 (US $9). Declare your lasting love of baked goods and wear these necklaces proud! What do you think?

Sunday Bliss

Yesterday we made a point of having a lazy day. It was spent watching movies, drinking tea, and knitting all in our PJ’s. Bliss. We don’t do it very often (I don’t want you to get the wrong opinion), but once and awhile, after a hectic week  it’s a real guilty pleasure. Now I feel revived and ready to go for the new week.

But since yesterday was a slow day, I managed to get a start on a new knitting project I’ve been wanting to start for months. This January I’m knitting legwarmers! I know it’s a little late to get started, especially since all the snow and ice has cleared but I’m still banking on February Snow. And if it comes, I’m going to be the trendiest snow bunny around with my Oslo legwarmers. What do you think? Are legwarmers the next big thing, or a trend better left in the ’80’s?

Did I Wake You?

I’ve been up since four. And not for any good reason either. So this morning I’m not at my most chipper. But if I’m going to be awake, I might as well be productive. So on the bright side this morning I have managed to –

  • Paint two radiators and a door
  • Defrost the Freezer (is there a worse job? See my kitchen sink above with my dirty brush and the gigantic ice blocks I wrestled from my freezer)
  • Deep clean the fridge and freezer – dumped some suspicious looking jars…
  • Wash up three times (three! Where does all this stuff come from?)
  • Drink 5 cups of tea
  • Organize my Desktop and my crafty computer folders
  • Change the Project 2011 button
  • Add buttons to the site direct to my free knitting patterns (scroll down, on right)
  • Do some apartment gardening
  • Get through all my Google Reader posts (just under 100)
  • Do a grocery shop online
  • and now, well… post!

And now? Well I’m pooped! How are you guys doing this Friday morning?

January Cowl

It’s been ages since I gave all you lovely readers a new pattern. And given the state of the weather lately, I think it needs to be something really sumptuous, cosy, and yet stylish (Snow gear just isn’t doing it for me lately). So may I present the January Cowl.

It’s a bit different to the last cowl (Rainbow Cowl), where that was a light autumn spring cowl, this is a depths of winter, something lovely to snuggle up to cowl. Just what we all need! It is such a simple knit. I originally designed it as a last minute gift knit, so it knits up quickly and with very little complications. It uses just left-over balls of Double Knit Yarn, although the tension is not very important and you can substitute other yarn as you wish.

To Knit:

  1. Using 10mm needles, using yarn from two balls of Double Knit (DK) yarn simultaneously, cast on 25 stitches
  2. *K1, P1* Repeat til last stitch, K1
  3. Repeat step 2 until your cowl measures 55 inches in length
  4. Cast off, and join your cowl to form a loop. Optional: Sew in a twist in your cowl to make it appear neater and less tangled when wearing doubled up.

And it’s just that easy. Knitting with the two balls of wool simultaneously makes for such a rich texture and will definitely ensure no cold gusts of wind or snow flurries will make it through your winter knit. Just what you need.

The Diet Starts Tomorrow

Living in Scotland has given me many things – an abnormal tolerance for inhuman temperatures, the opinion that everything (yes, EVERYTHING) can and will be deep-fried and a terrible dependancy on Tunnock’s. Tunnock’s started life, outside Glasgow in 1890 as a family bakery producing confectionary. They still make the same goodies – chocolate covered and sugar filled and I am addicted.

I remember I was in Vancouver and I came across them in a drugstore on Broadway and practically weeping with delight (Mr. A had a similar experience a few week earlier in Lake Louise with Irn Bru).

So when I saw this gigantic box stuffed full of teacakes, I just had to have them! I guess that resolution I made to exercise more I will now definitely have to stick to.

Crazy over Cake-Pops

Cake-pops are everywhere right now! You can even buy cookbooks dedicated to them – Cake Pops, Pop Bakery. And they are absolutely seductive looking, perfect for kids and adults alike. The only problem I have with them, is that (in the main) they use cake crumbs compacted together into a ball form. This to me does not appeal. Part of the beauty of cakes is the lovely lightness of them. So here is my take on cake pops. Cake Pops for dummies if you like – it’s absolutely fool proof, quick and easy. My kind of baking.

All you need is:

  • Mini muffins (I made my own chocolate ones, but you could easy buy some)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Melted Chocolate
  • Sprinkles

To make your Cake-Pops:

  1. Take your mini muffin and dip the bottom half in your melted chocolate, then gently push your muffin onto a lollipop stick (the chocolate as it dries will help to secure your muffin). Repeat this with each of your muffins and leave to set.
  2. This time dip the top half of you muffins in your melted chocolate (you can use a contrasting type of chocolate here – white, dark, milk, colored). Once your muffin is fully covered dip into your chosen sprinkles and leave upright to dry. Repeat with each of you muffins

And there you go! That’s Cake-Pops. As easy as 1-2-3 (easier, there are only 1 & 2 steps 😀 )

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