Granny We Love You

I’ve been wanting to make a Granny blanket for ages. The one thing standing in my way is that I can’t crochet. Not even if a gun was held to my head. And yes, yes, I can hear all the cries of ‘but you can knit, crochet should be easy for you.’ Well it’s not. It’s down right impossible. After getting laughed at so much for my attempts I have hung up my crochet hook for good. And right when I had given up hope of ever getting a Granny Blanket of my own, I got this beauty for Christmas! I was over the moon. Bought from a charity shop and given to me. Oh how happy I am. It’s gorgeous, bursting with bright colours and probably knit with great care by someone far more talented than I.

I’m delighted to be able to give it a new home. The only slight problems with it, is the little air holes between the squares are a little chilly, and the wool is a little itchy. So measures had to be taken to increase its comfy-ness.

First thing I did? Gave the blanket a good wash. Not that I though it was dirty, it just didn’t have our house smell. Is that weird? I kinda thought it smelled like someone else’s granny, not mine. So in she went on a cool wash. Next I bought this bargain black fleece from Ikea for £2.79 and got to work. First I cut the fleece to about 2 inches larger than the origional granny blanket. I turned in the edges of the fleece and pinned the fleece in place along the edges of the back of the blanket. And finally I got sewing, by hand! Yipes, yes I did. I just wasn’t very confident that the whole thing would go through my sewing machine due to its thickness. I couldn’t sew it all in one sitting, I don’t have the patience. So over the last week or so I gradually got it together. So now it has a comfy, fleecy lining perfect for keeping me warm as I knit away.

But do you want to know the added bonus of this little crafting activity? Bunting! bundles and bundles of bunting. The Ikea fleece’s frilly edging was perfect for cutting off and simply folding over and sewing in place to allow a ribbon to be passed through to make oodles and oodles of lovely bunting. A perfect accompaniment for my non-traditional Christmas Ornaments. Do you like it?


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