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What’s New in February?

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Above: Alice Lost in Wonderland Necklace (£7.60/$12.20) & Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Necklace (£7.60/$12.20)

I can’t believe February’s almost over. It always goes by in such a blur. I think it might even make my list of least favourite months. Bring on March I say. But one thing I thought would be nice to do, would be to have a recap of the month in my Etsy Store.

It’s been a great (but very hectic month). I started working full time so I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to get new listings and completely new things in the shop. We finally have more jewelry! Hooray! I’ve been wanted to make more ever since I got all your kinds comments about my jewelry tutorials I post. So this month we welcome the beginnings of our Alice in Wonderland series. Vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations set in oval pendants behind protective resin, with a couple of cute and colorful beads to finish them off. I love them, and have been wearing them non-stop. What do you think?

Above: Cream Tweed Knitted Flower Shoe Clips (£6.50/$10.40) & Purple Knitted Flower Shoe Clips (£6.50/$10.40)

And then secondly, I’ve been getting in the summer mood with knitted shoe clips! I live in pumps in Spring and Summer. I adore them. But I have a problem finding suitably cute pumps. Every summer of so I find one incredible pair, but all pumps are just so light and delicate that they really don’t last longer than a season. But the answer to that? Simple – it’s adorable shoe clips. Find shoe clips you love and clip them on plain shoes. Easy. And even better is that you can keep changing the look of your existing shoe collection by brightening them up with jazzy shoe clips. They don’t have to be restricted to pumps either – wear them on work shoes, loafers, high heels, uggs or boots, anything! Wear them to the front or side, even the back. Clip them where ever you want.

So what do you think of our new contributions? I adore them and I hope you do too. So go have a peek at how the shop is looking and maybe even brighten up your Spring look with our new wears.


Banoffee Cake

Banoffee Cake anyone? Well this is a kid of invention of mine. One of those things you put together using whatever you have lying around your kitchen, when you have a serious craving for cake. And it’s yum. It’s so simple, really it is a banana cake (recipe here) with butter cream mixed with some toffee sauce, and then more toffee sauce on top. Super simple, and quick. Perfect for a Friday fix when you are low on energy from a long week.

That absolutely describes me. Thank crunchie it’s Friday! Happy weekend everyone. What do you have planned?

My Shop in a Box

I thought I’d give you all a secret peek at my Etsy shop. You may think you have seen it, but in reality it all lives in I gigantic shoe box in my craft room. This is such an easy craft and well worth it. I keeps your things safe, dry, free from things like dust, smells, and every other nasty that they might possibly be compromised by. Secondly, it gives you such a clear idea of what you have in stock and what you’re missing. I’m a big believer that if you have a tidy workspace, you have a tidy work mind and a much better idea of what is going on and what you need to do in the future. This is essential when you’re trying to run a business.

So what do you think? Would you like one? To make mine I took ten minutes out and a large shoe box like the ones you get boots in. These are perfect because they are very wide and shallow. You don’t want a box too deep otherwise it might  be hard to see your creations. If you only have a deeper box, I’d advise to put in a shelf. So double this tutorial and put in two levels of partitions. Kind of like a box of chocolates where you get two levels.

Then take some card and cut it to the height of your box. Then mark out the length of you box. Cut your card about two inches longer each side of your markings. Score along one side of you markings. Turn your card over and score again where the other marking was. This should create at ‘S’ shape partition.

Repeat this as many time as you need. Start arranging your things to see how you want to layout your shop in a box. You can even add mini partitions to break up the long lengths like I did. Just hold partitions in place using masking tape because it is perfect for moving as your stock changes.

Speaking of stock changes, new goodies have arrived in the shop. Woop woop! Take a peek…

Spring is Springing

Well it’s that time of year again. Our gardens (well my indoor one) is coming back to life after the most horrible winter. So the other day I dug out the old remnants of seed packets and had a wee peak to see what needs to go in the soil. And apparently it’s Strawberries. Yes they need to be sown really early in the year. Maybe that’s where I went wrong last year? None of my strawberry seeds came up, although I did plant them in April. Hmm. This year, I’ve stuck them in old takeaway containers instead of my usual recycled newspaper pots, just for ease of stacking them on the window cill. They have been planted fro a week and not a peep yet. Oh I hope they come up this year, although the temperature isn’t very encouraging for plant life at the moment. How are you doing with your gardens (outdoor or apartment)?

Ode to a Macaroon

Well Finally! I’ve gotten round to making these beauties. And they are absolutely worth the wait. I think I took so long in making them out of perceived fear, but in reality, they were super easy to make. Ok, so maybe not as simple as whipping up a bunch of vanilla cupcakes, but no harder than making a meringue. Because really, at the end of the day, that is all they are – colored meringues with a bit of filling. I’m going to be making plenty more of these delicious bites, they look so impressive to serve to guests or to give away as presents. Guaranteed to result in an abundance of ‘oo’s and ‘ah’s and a great boost to your baking ego.

I used this good food recipe but made regular sized macaroons. For the filling I used an almond butter icing for the creamy ones, jam for the red strawberry ones, and the best, nutella for the chocolate colored ones. What do you think? Aren’t they just so cute?

Stamp Heaven

A few weeks ago I told you I ordered some stamps from the lovely NoraJane to cheer me up. My little pocket watch and my Tea Set (Teapot and cup) came accompanied (on their long trek from NoraJane base camp in North Carolina) by some added little friends – yippee! I was absolutely delighted to get my chosen stamps let alone some freebies.

They are so detailed! I wish I could have shown you with black ink (not my purple) but I don’t seem to be able to get my hands on a black ink pad at the moment for love nor money. Oh well, soon. And the best part is that I’m told they are deep enough to use for fabric printing – I see a new craft expedition on the horizon!

In the mean time I’m now craving more of her stamps! – like this sewing machine, cuteness.

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Whether you are with someone or not, today is a day to treat yourself. Have that slice of cake, or buy that little trinket you’ve had your eye on. Go on. You deserve it 🙂

Just a little post to show you all the Love Day inspired things I’ve had around the apartment lately. From my cookie cutter from my Love Bun baking, my Sequined Heart Headbands from my Etsy Shop, and all the little hearts from my Knitted Heart Bunting. Happy V-Day.

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