What’s New in February?

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Above: Alice Lost in Wonderland Necklace (£7.60/$12.20) & Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Necklace (£7.60/$12.20)

I can’t believe February’s almost over. It always goes by in such a blur. I think it might even make my list of least favourite months. Bring on March I say. But one thing I thought would be nice to do, would be to have a recap of the month in my Etsy Store.

It’s been a great (but very hectic month). I started working full time so I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to get new listings and completely new things in the shop. We finally have more jewelry! Hooray! I’ve been wanted to make more ever since I got all your kinds comments about my jewelry tutorials I post. So this month we welcome the beginnings of our Alice in Wonderland series. Vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations set in oval pendants behind protective resin, with a couple of cute and colorful beads to finish them off. I love them, and have been wearing them non-stop. What do you think?

Above: Cream Tweed Knitted Flower Shoe Clips (£6.50/$10.40) & Purple Knitted Flower Shoe Clips (£6.50/$10.40)

And then secondly, I’ve been getting in the summer mood with knitted shoe clips! I live in pumps in Spring and Summer. I adore them. But I have a problem finding suitably cute pumps. Every summer of so I find one incredible pair, but all pumps are just so light and delicate that they really don’t last longer than a season. But the answer to that? Simple – it’s adorable shoe clips. Find shoe clips you love and clip them on plain shoes. Easy. And even better is that you can keep changing the look of your existing shoe collection by brightening them up with jazzy shoe clips. They don’t have to be restricted to pumps either – wear them on work shoes, loafers, high heels, uggs or boots, anything! Wear them to the front or side, even the back. Clip them where ever you want.

So what do you think of our new contributions? I adore them and I hope you do too. So go have a peek at how the shop is looking and maybe even brighten up your Spring look with our new wears.


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