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When Things Just Don’t Work Out

It’s been a while since my last knitting update. I think it is due to the fact that the weather is changing. I’m definitely feeling a Spring in my step and have alot more energy than I did during this last horrific Winter. No more sitting on the couch watching the snow, knitting. Now I’m up and out for walks or, my favourite activities at the moment, decluttered and cleaning (How good does it feel to purge yourself of all that unnecessary junk and clear some space? I’m addicted). So I haven’t really been focusing too heavily on my knitting. The last time I showed you my Legwarmers I was so excited to get them done. That was back in January and they are still not finished. The pattern is great, I really like it – easy to follow and I love the intarsia. I altered it a bit (not as wide and a little different coloured pattern to top), but I don’t think that is what is making me dislike them. I can’t decide if it’s that the weather is better now and I’m not as excited to contemplate snuggly leg warmers, or is it just the colours I’ve chosen. They just don’t do it for me. There is no pop, or wow. Hmm…

I am therefore going to do what I always do when I get fed up with my knitting – rip it all back. So farewell legwarmers, I may revisit you next Winter.


Memory Charms

Mother’s Day is creeping ever closer and it’s time to get thinking of Gifts for you Mum. Given my (and I think many others) finances, an extravagant gift is out. The answer is these photo charms. They are inexpensive but retain a personal touch and will last years. Charm bracelets have become huge again, and these little charms are perfect for attaching to yours or your Mothers. Or alternatively you could string one on a chain and have a lovely locket type necklace. You can put any picture in the charm – a nice landscape from your last holiday, a sketch you did, a pattern sample, the possibilities are endless with this craft. But if you’re making it for you Mother, don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday!

You will need:

To Make your Pendant:

  1. Print your image to about the same size as your pendant finding. I changed my image to Greyscale and boosted the contrast and printed at a size suitable for my round finding.
  2. Using your finding as a guide, cut out you photo trying to keep the edges neat. To test the size place it in your pendant so as to see the fit. If necessary trim a little more
  3. When ready, use PVA Glue to stick your image into your finding on the deepest side. Make sure the edges are glued but don’t flood the finding with glue as it will leave marks. Leave to dry for an hour or so
  4. Using the Fimo Liquid cover your image. Careful to add just enough to bring the liquid in line with the top edge of the finding. Us a pin to burst any bubbles in your liquid as these may expand further when baking if not burst.
  5. Following the Fimo Liquid guides, place your pendant on a baking tray into your preheated oven and baked for the specified time (mine said twenty minutes at 130 degrees, but it’s best to double check your instructions)
  6. Take out of the oven and leave to cool. Once cool it is now ready to be attached to your piece of jewelry -charm bracelet/necklace whatever or simply give as a charm on it’s own.

A Weekend Surprise

This post is all about trying to fulfill goal no. 9 from my Project 2011 – Give more Gifts. I decided to put together  a surprise package for a friend who has just moved away. She’s living in a new city, trying to make friends and fit in to a new job. Not an easy thing. She learned to knit last year and is now really enjoying so I thought I might try to expand her crafting knowledge and send her an introduction to embroidery out of the blue. It’s lovely to give gifts especially when you know that someone could do with a lift. So I really hope this worked.

In the parcel I put – A transfer of ‘True Love: Peanut Butter and Jelly‘ (on calico I already had); Three transfers of ‘Crazy for Cupcakes‘; Some Embroidery Floss (from my own stash); A Stitch How-To Sheet (put together myself from information on the net); Hemline Tapestry Needles (£1); 6 Inch Embroidery Hoop (£3); and a screen printed postcard from me

All in all, with padded envelope and postage the package cost just under £6. What do you think – good value? I’m chuffed with it. Happy Weekend everyone! I’ll see you on Monday!

Wedding Season

This seems to be the time of the year when you get all your wedding invites. We are getting to the age where this is now becoming a frequent occurance. This year we have two, and next year we already have two (expecting that to increase). And it’s a tricky business. Dressing formal but no too fancy, trying to get a meaningful gift that isn’t too hard on the wallet. Hmm they are my big dilemmas. But the dressing one I am desperately trying to solve. The dress hunt is on and meantime I’m trying to perfect the ‘do. I don’t want my normal just leave it down of put it in a ponytail. Time to bring out something fancy. This is where Pinterest becomes awesome! If you don’t know Pinterest, it’s a sort of digital pin board and book marker full of the most beautiful pictures of everything – food, fashion, crafts, landscapes, architecture anything! But that is where I’m compiling my list of possible hairdos for this years weddings.

Today I’m trying the Three Twisted Buns by Joanna of a Cup of Jo. Her blog is absolutely lovely. I don’t usually use other people’s images but mine would not capture any of the niceness of hers. Thank you Jo for the tutorial, and thanks Pinterest for making all these lovely blogs known to me.

I’ll let you know how it fairs. It was super simple to do but staying up may be another matter… Fingers crossed

That Afternoon Low

I’m ill 😦 with a little headcold, so the weekend antics haven’t been that spectacular. I was mostly sitting around moaning about being ill (I love a good moan especially when I’m fishing for sympathy). One thing I did manage to get up the energy and enthusiasm for was to make homemade scones.

I love scones, they are such a simple pleasure that is just to comforting. The recipe is the same as my previous Love Buns, but in the case of the blueberry scones you simply replace the chocolate chips for a handful of fresh blueberries. Yum. Eat them while they are hot smothered in jam and cream. Irresistible!


Wow, I’m shattered. By the time it gets to Thursday I think all my energy has been wiped. Especially when that Thursday also incorporates Paddy’s Day (Happy La Feile Padraig my fellow countrymen). So now it’s Friday and it is the most painful thing to try and drag myself out of bed at 6.00 am. Add to this the fact that I seem to be sniffing and sneezing through typing this, and I have a feeling today is going to be one of those days. Humph. Here’s to some happy crafting hours this weekend to make up for it. Now that’s wishful thinking.

But today I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at new products heading for my Etsy Shop (excitement) and my very festive and patriotic St. Patrick’s Day Bunting – thanks Mum! 😀 Happy weekend everyone

Over the MOOn

I love a good freebie. There is nothing more satisfying to get something you really like but even better to get it for free. So when I saw that Etsy and Moo were teaming up to provide Free Moo Business Cards, I had to go in for it. I’ve been looking longingly at Moo Business cards for ages, but money is very tight at the moment and I still have a good sized supply of my home made business cards. But when I saw that I could get 50 business cards for free and only pay the postage (£3), I was on for it.

May main thought was that it would be a great test – a cheap way to check out their print quality, options and the final product before placing a proper order. So there I sat in front of my computer ready for a long morning uploading pictures, editing their postioning and size and so on. But no! It was so so simple. Did you knot you can give it your web address (web or etsy) and it will go and find the pictures on there. Then you simply tick the ones you would like on your cards – you can have a different picture on each card if you like too. Awesome. I am so pleased with them. They arrived about five days later to excited woops from me. Where is there something so satisfying about having proper business cards. I feel so legit! 😀

So if you pondering about getting some cards for yourself. Give this a go – it’s perfect as a practice run before you shell out some proper money. I highly recommend it.

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