Baking for the Week Ahead

There is something about baking on a Sunday morning that just puts me in a good mood. With the sun starting to stream through the windows, after a little bit of a lie in in bed, after brewing a pot of tea, I roll up my dressing gown sleeves and get going. Is that weird? Mr. A. will still be sleeping, and I’ll have radio 1 on, listening to the weekend news and current affairs, baking a variety of lovely things for the week ahead. Bliss.

I bake for the week ahead so that Mr. A and I can have things to eat during the working week as a sweet treat. It’s far better than digging into a Mars bar every lunch, and it’s much better on your wallet too strangely. This week, I dug out my copy of the Avoca Cafe Cookbook 2. I love it. It’s a great Irish cookbook. I come from a place very close to Avoca in Ireland and so we would always pop in when we were nearby one of their shops for a treat. If you’re in the market for a modern Irish cookbook, I’d recommend one of theirs.

This week I chose to whip up (for Mr. A.) Cinnamon buns and (for me) one of Liz Orr’s Tea Brack. Mr. A is addicted to cinnamon rolls ever since we lived in North America. He laments the fact that we have no Cinnabon stands here. So I’m constantly on the look out for a similar recipe. It’s made with a bread dough, which does take a little extra effort, but I always think the results are worth it. I topped it off with a simple drizzling of royal icing. Then my tea brack is an absolute favorite. It’s just so Irish. You don’t really get brack anywhere else in the world so I have to made my own. Basically it’s a dense fruit loaf, where you soak the fruit over night in tea and brush the top with honey. What could be better. I love it most toasted with butter spread on top. Bliss. I went a little away from tradition with this one and sprinkled flaked almonds on top for variety. Yum.

We also love Elaine’s Brownie recipes, the caramel square recipe and Mars bar biscuits in the book. Check it out if you have the time. Do you bake or cook for the week ahead?


1 Response to “Baking for the Week Ahead”

  1. 1 katshealthcorner March 5, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    That does look like BLISS!!!! 😉


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