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Not Just for Kids – Mars Bar Cakes

Today I’m going to share with you a special secret treat of mine. It’s an occassional guilty pleasure, that makes my mouth water and bring me back to being a kid. Today, I’m going to explain to you the joy of Mars Bar Cakes – a more mature Krispie Cake if you like. They are so simple to make, take no time, no cooking (only a little melting) and can be made with all store cupboard ingredients. My kind of baking.

To make, all you need is:

  • 6 x 50g Mars Bars (thats the size of our standard Mars here, but don’t worry. Exact measurements aren’t critical. Approximate)
  • 150g of butter
  • 150g of Rice Krispies (a little more if you want to make it last, a little less if you want a more luxurious Krispie Cake)
  • 200g of milk/dark chocolate
To assemble:
  1. Melt you Mars Bars and butted in a bain marie (be patient, the mars takes a while to melt)
  2. Take your butter/Mars mix off the heat and pour in your Rice Krispies. Try to fold them in so that you don’t crush them too much.
  3. When fully mixed, pour into a greased baking tin and press out to flatten it.
  4. Melt your milk/dark chocolate and pour evenly over the top of your flattened Krispies. Leave to cool and set. Then pop out of you tin and cut them into squares.

And that is just it. They are absolutely scrumptious! You must try them.


Apartment Growing

Well hello there. I told you I’d be back and here I am. Apologies for my absence. I had such a crazy week. I had some exams and alot of studying to do. So I used all my blogging and Knit1Slip1 hours to study. And it was all for a good cause because I passed with flying colours. Hooray! So this weekend was mostly spend relaxing, eating and scanning Pinterest (I can’t stay away). But one thing I did manage to do was do some apartment gardening in preperation for hopefully a bountiful harvest in late summer.

Mr. A. helped me buy compost (they don’t sell it in girl sized bags do they?), I had some seeds left over from last year – tomatoes and strawberries but we also have some new ones – little gem lettuce, mixed lettuce leaves and rosemary. I filled some cleaned takeaway tubs 2/3 with compost, sprinkled six seeds in each. Topped them up with soil and labelled them. Ooo I can’t wait…


I’m taking a week off from Knit1Slip1, I’m so sorry. I don’t want to but things are just so crazy at the moment. Not crazy in a bad way, things are just coming to a climax and I really need to get things in order. Finances, Education… you know all that boring stuff. But it needs to be done. I’ll be back as soon as I can!

In the mean time, Happy Easter!

Bead Soup

As part of my Spring cleansing (doe anything feel better that getting rid of some of that clutter that has built up over the Winter???) I decided the other day to gather up all my unwanted jewelry (both bought and my own creations) and rather than just chucking them out I thought I should deconstruct them. Some of them had the most lovely beads, it’s just that they were not working in their current assembly. I’m all for recycling too, especially when beads from bead shops cost so much. So at the end of my butchering I was left with these –

A good haul don’t you think? Now I just need some pondering time while I think of what to do with them….. Any thoughts?

A Slice of Chocolate Heaven

This weekend I was astonished. Mr. A approached me with a recipe and a request. He generally doesn’t pay that much attention to my baking other that being the grateful recipient. But he had a simple request for me to make this amazing choc-orange tart. So on Saturday I set about making it.

Backstory: A few weeks ago Mr. A’s Mum insisted on giving me her old food processor as she had just bought a new one. I was too polite to decline it. Really I’m not into kitchen gadgets. 1: I don’t think they are always as handy as they pretend to be (ever cleaned a juicer. life it too short) and 2: I hate clutter. I don’t want pasta makers, ice cream machines, potato ricers, and all the rest taking up precious cupboard and worktop space. No thank you. But I was landed with this food processor. And after abandoning it in Mr. A’s car boot for a few months, he gave me the ultimatum – use it or chuck it, either way get it out of my boot. Although I didn’t want it, I just didn’t have the heart to chuck it. Yeah, it’s ugly, and a bit stained and dowdy looking, but it’s perfectly good. So into the kitchen it came. And I lost a half a square meter of worktop space.

But anyway, cutting to the chase, I was given this recipe which included pastry. I loathe making pastry. I just can’t make it right. I generally buy it ready made – shocking I know 😛 But this time, I didn’t have any bought pastry to hand and Mr. A really wanted this tart, so I thought, maybe I’ll try the food processor. I lumped all the pastr ingredients in and pressed go! And it was amazing! It came together in a matter of seconds and it was the most soft and silky and lovely pastry I’ve ever laid eyes on. And when it was baked it surprised me again by how amazingly lights and buttery and just lovely in general it was. I can now place my hand on my heart and say I am converted to the amazingness of food processors. I take it all back!

P.S. the tart in the recipe was awesome. Much recommended!

Baby Kimono

I’ve got  a new project…. and some good news. Mr. A. and I are going to welcome our first neice/nephew to the family in September. How exciting?! So finally I get to knit baby stuff! I mean knitted items are cute when they are full sized but shrink them down to miniature and they are downright adorable. So taking the opportunity to repurpose the wool from my failed legwarmers I’ve taken on my first baby cardigan challenge. I found this lovely baby kimono pattern by Debbie Bliss free – ace! And so I got knitting.

It’s such a simple pattern, I would recommend it for anyone who is a bit daunted by the though of knitting a cardi. The pattern directions are mostly spot on (just keep an eye out when you do that second sleeve and cast off on the correct side). And together with a soft brown flecked wool I hope it suits a new born (bog/girl we’re not getting to find out. Makes things a bit more of a challenge). I still have some knitting to go, and then making up. I’m on the look out for a cute feature button for it. Can’t wait.

Caramel Cups

Time for a nice Wednesday pick-me-up. These are a little left over invention of mine. They are so simple and use store cupboard ingredients. But, most importantly, they are absolutely scrumptious. Consider them to be caramel shortbread but in a pastry cup. Yum!

To make you caramel cups – take some shortcrust pastry (I used leftovers from another pie. My pastry was also infused with orange zest). Shape the pastry into cupcake tins and bake as normal. Take out and leave to cool. You can do this a few days in advance if you’d like and add your filling later. Or even just buy your pastry cups ready made. Next add a generous table spoon of dulch de leche (caramel sauce) to each of your cups. Smooth out the top and finish with pouring some dark melted chocolate on top. Leave to cool and there you have it. You’re ready for the week 😀

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