A Slice of Chocolate Heaven

This weekend I was astonished. Mr. A approached me with a recipe and a request. He generally doesn’t pay that much attention to my baking other that being the grateful recipient. But he had a simple request for me to make this amazing choc-orange tart. So on Saturday I set about making it.

Backstory: A few weeks ago Mr. A’s Mum insisted on giving me her old food processor as she had just bought a new one. I was too polite to decline it. Really I’m not into kitchen gadgets. 1: I don’t think they are always as handy as they pretend to be (ever cleaned a juicer. life it too short) and 2: I hate clutter. I don’t want pasta makers, ice cream machines, potato ricers, and all the rest taking up precious cupboard and worktop space. No thank you. But I was landed with this food processor. And after abandoning it in Mr. A’s car boot for a few months, he gave me the ultimatum – use it or chuck it, either way get it out of my boot. Although I didn’t want it, I just didn’t have the heart to chuck it. Yeah, it’s ugly, and a bit stained and dowdy looking, but it’s perfectly good. So into the kitchen it came. And I lost a half a square meter of worktop space.

But anyway, cutting to the chase, I was given this recipe which included pastry. I loathe making pastry. I just can’t make it right. I generally buy it ready made – shocking I know 😛 But this time, I didn’t have any bought pastry to hand and Mr. A really wanted this tart, so I thought, maybe I’ll try the food processor. I lumped all the pastr ingredients in and pressed go! And it was amazing! It came together in a matter of seconds and it was the most soft and silky and lovely pastry I’ve ever laid eyes on. And when it was baked it surprised me again by how amazingly lights and buttery and just lovely in general it was. I can now place my hand on my heart and say I am converted to the amazingness of food processors. I take it all back!

P.S. the tart in the recipe was awesome. Much recommended!


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