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Knitting in Minature

Time for more baby knitting. Actually, I’m sort of getting bored of it now. I want to knit something for me! Ah no, once I see it all coming together it will be great. I was in John Lewis the other day and I picked up this really lovely wool and this cute pattern. Ignore the stripey hoodie, I don’t like that at all but look up to the left corner, how cute it the red hoodie? And red is perfect for both a boy or girl right? I hate all these pastels that kids get. It’s time to be bright and bold with colour when you’re a kid.

I’m itching to start, I’ll keep you up to date, promise.




Tear and Share

I’m addicted to making bread lately. There is just something so therapeutic about all the kneading, and there is just such a huge sense of achievement and triumph when it comes out of the oven. Am I mad? Anyway, my baking for this week was therefore continuing my bread trend with this scrumptious lemon pull apart bread that I found the recipe for on Pinterest.

I can’t say it was a breeze to make, but it certainly wasn’t hard. As always with bread, it just took time. And on a rainy Sunday, that is absolutely fine. The outcome is delicious, especially the finger licking good cream cheese icing. Yum. I’ll definitely be trying this one again. I’ve also seen some variations on Pinterest with a cinamon filling, or I could try chocolate or jam….. ooooo….

Pipe (ing) Dreams

I went a little mad this weekend and bought something I shouldn’t have. I’ve been wanting a good set of piping nozzles for ages, and while I already have a set, the ones I have have the smallest nozzles. Which I think is perfectly normal for older, more traditional sets. But lately the fashion has been for lots of decadent icing, so to achieve that effect you need BIG nozzles.

So when I came across this set from lakeland my resolve for not spending money weakened. The pack didn’t come with any listing of what each nozzle did so I have made educated guess with regard to their use. The one labeled leaf, I know isn’t a leaf but I couldn’t think of another name for it. What do you think? I can’t wait to use the large writer to make those Sprinkles-like iced cupcakes. Ooh, so keep eyes peeled over the coming weeks. I’m going icing crazy.

It’s Hotting Up

Our sun has gone away. Boo. But on the upside my plants are carrying on without it. Hooray. They are managing to cheer me up through these drizzly, cloudy days. But think how happy I’d be if I had them to watch and the sun was shining. Delirious. Well fingers crossed the weather improves.

Check how all my tomatoes are doing. And do you spy my lettuces in the background? My mouth is watering already at the thought of my summer veggie feast. How are yours doing?

OTT Brownies

Well I’m ending the week on a high – a sugar high. As you know, I LOVE Pinterest. And thanks to it, I came accross this amazing recipe by How Sweet It Is for Oreo Stuffed Brownies with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Icing – or rather Mr. A’s idea of heaven. I’ve never had him compliment me so much on something I baked so this recipe is therefore a real winner. The recipe is available free from How Sweet It Is, although I altered it just slightly. To give the brownies a much more dense and moist texture I added an extra egg and a splash of milk to wet the brownie mixture. I also only add 1 cup of sugar rather than 1 1/2 (you’d be getting into diabetic territory there).

It is such a winning treat though I’m definitely adding it to my favourites and it would make a spectacular birthday treat. Yum… I’m off to nab another one with my mid morning coffee…

The Pickings of the Weekend

Look what I’ve got?! Rhubarb, buckets of rhubarb. Oh how happy I am. I sneakily (will full permission) stole it from Alex’s mum’s veggie patch. She was very bemused with how elated I seemed. By the time we got home though I didn’t have time to do anything with it so I simply washed it and chopped it and put it in the freezer. But I’ve got big plans – Rhubarb and Ginger Jam & Rhubarb Crumb Bars. My mouth is watering just at the thought of it. Yum…

May’s Object of Desire

Oh, I’ve got that floaty lovely Summer feeling and so this month’s ‘Object of Desire’ captures that feeling completely.

This month I’m dreaming of this bright and breezy Summer dress from eShakti for $54. I comes in almost every colour but how could you not choose this happy yellow? Oh, how I want it so bad. Team if with some cute pumps and a little grey cardigan and a nice leather belt….. *sigh* The bad news it that they don’t deliver outside the US. Poo. So all you American readers, I hope you make the most of your location and snap up this beauty. As for me, I guess I’ll only be seeing in my sleep. Humph.

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