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A Recap

Well, my birthday has been and gone. And it was lovely. Remember the big cake debate? Well I finally chose a three tier red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. It was really good and everyone like it, although it wasn’t the prettiest of cakes. The icing is really runny. Next time I would add alot more icing sugar. Sorry there are no pictures, I had a picture-free week (bliss). For my birthday I got, this great cake baked for me by friends (complete with candied peel. hardcore or what?), 44 DVDs of the West Wing, A HUGE Julius Shulman Picture Book, hunter welly socks, 2 dinners out, and a haircut. So it was a happy, contented birthday. Until next year!

(p.s. red welly update – no sign of them as yet, although I still have one or two presents still to get. Fingers crossed)



It’s my birthday! Hooray. While I’m off having fun with birthday related antics, and in order to celebrate with you, and to herald in lots of new items in my Etsy shop, you can get 15% off all orders placed on my birthday (see below for code). Woop woop! It you haven’t had a look around lately, here are just a few of the new treats that have appeared…

We have these adorable felt bow shoe clips (below). Clip them to the front or back of your shoes. Perfect for a little pick me up. Get them in three summer colours – dusty pink, burnt yellow and sunkissed red. Get a pair for £4.40 ($7) or just £3.74 ($6) with the discount.

I’m loving geometric shapes at the moments are you? So here is my Green & Black Geometric Necklace (below) – £7.20 ($11.60) or £6.12 ($9.86) after discount. For more images, click on any of the pictures from this post and get taken to my Etsy shop.

Or try my new Midnight Blue Drop Earring (below) design? They are the perfect balance of sparkly and dangly. Try them for £4.08 ($6.60).

All you need to do to redeem your discount is to type ‘HAPPYBDAY’ into the discount code section when passing through the Etsy Checkout. 

Please note that all price conversions are liable to change, and were correct at the time of typing this post.

The Big Cake Debate

My yearly dilemma has begun – what type of cake do I bake for my birthday? (yes, I bake my own birthday cake. I used to be sore about it but I’ve come to terms with it now. In fact, I love planning MY perfect cake, rather then what other people want). Last year, you’ll remember I baked a delicious creation of Sophie Dahl. And it was gorgeous, and just what I like in a birthday cake. Something rich with buttercream but light with fruity flavours (no chocolate cake for me thanks).  How gorgeous is the cake above? I love the idea of draping bunting around it. If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you’ll see that I’ve been pinning a heck of a lot of yummy looking cakes in anticipation. But which to choose? I only have on cake to bake. How do I choose just one? Do I go with cake, cupcake or even roulade? Vanilla, Blueberry, Coffee or Caramel? As quandaries go, this is definitely the nice kind. I’m salivating at the thought of all these. Hmm. I’d better go get my pen and paper and start a pro/con list…

My Birthday Wishlist

Ah, it’s my birthday soon! Yippee. I always think I’m an easy person to buy a gift for (should I be so lucky), but these last few days there have been moans about not knowing what to get (an also a sneaky suspicion that one or two misguided individuals may be following the wrong present path). So to help, I’ve put together a top 10 wish list. Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t expect anything for my birthday, but at the same time I know there will be people who want to buy me something. So in order to prevent them spending ridiculous money on something I’m not at all interested in (although I’d fake it for their sake), here is my (somewhat) affordable wishlist.

1. KitchenAid Artisan Mixer (£439, I can’t decide on the colour but it has to have the clear pyrex mixing bowl with it). Ok, this is my one big gift. I am under no illusion that I am likely to get this, but a girl has to dream…

2. Scrabble Dictionary (£1.18) Mr. A. bought me an early birthday present of scrabble for the IPad. It’s amazing! But I don’t agree with its dictionary, so in order to settle arguments properly I think we could do with this

3. Bungee Cords for My Bike (£5.13) much needed. Black please!

4. Red Wellington Boots (£49) & Welly Socks. I have been dropping that fact that I want these so much in the last few months. Has to be in red too. Perfect for cheering up my rainy/snowy days to come

5. Sugar Thermometer (£4.06) I want to make marshmallows and so I need this. Am I mad?

6. A New Camera Bag (£26.09) OK, so this one is cheating since I’ve already bought this for myself in order to have in delivered in time for my birthday. I’m off to a few weddings this year and carrying around those traditional camera bags with formal wear looks terrible. This works much better or so I hope

7. Benefit Posie tint (£24.50) I’ve wanted this forever, but every time I think I should treat myself and see the price and the teenie tiny size of the bottle and I feel faint

8. Tashen Julius Shulman Book (£10.13) I have fallen in love with the late Julius Schulman and his photography. He was this amazing mid – late century guy who fell into photography and became friends with amazing architects working in America around that time. Basically all the iconic photographs of the case study houses and other ground breaking works in California and the surrounds are most likely Julius Schulman’s. Check him out

9. Pallette Knife for Icing (£4.95) I order to carry out task 6 of Project 2011

10. Basket for the Rear of My Bike (£9.05) Perfect for toting all my things about.

The Icing on the (Cup)Cake

Time for a simple little post for such a miserable rainy day (it feels like October not July). Well, remember I told you I splurged and bought myself a new set of jumbo piping nozzles? Well this weekend I did a quick bit of baking (quick because the weather was so glorious it would have been a sin to stay inside). Using my great new food processer, I whipped up a simple victoria sponge mix and baked some cupcakes. After leaving them to cook, I got to icing.

I used the large star to ice by cupcakes with a cocoa buttercream icing (yum), and then left it to set. And look how they turned out? For a first attempt I’m chuffed. I will definately be doing this again soon, nut maybe with other flavours of icing and some sprinkles and things as a final flourish. I can’t wait. Also I need to give the other nozzles a go.

July’s Object(s) of Desire – My Birthday Box

This month’s object of desire isn’t so much one thing, as a collection of things. July is my birthday month. And I think it’s an awesome month for a birthday (every 6 months I get presents between it and Christmas. ace! And the weather is a bonus too). So this month I have chosen a birthday inspired collection. I came accross You’re My Fave‘s Birthday Box a couply of months ago (thanks to Pinterest) and I absolutely fell in love with it. So this month I’ve put together my own DIY birthday box.

1. Wicker Picnic Basket (£12.95) 2. Peppermint Candy Buttons (£7.66) 3. Wooden Picnic Cutlery (£2.95) 4. Melamine Picnic Plates (£3 each) 5. Rainbow Cookie Mix in a Jar (£12.50) 6. Happy Birthday Bunting (£7.98) 7. Pink Foil Cupcake Cases (£3.75) 8. Monogrammed Napkins (£8.00 each)

I am especially liking the ginham picnic basket. It would be lovely as a knitting basket. And the monogrammed napkins are just lovely too, although they are the perfect, dainty size to use as hankerchiefs. Lovely.

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