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All about Easy

Oh I’m such a bad blogger. I apologise. I have been well off my routine lately with regard to posting and really with regard to crafting. I am going through a crafting drought really – I’m so busy trying to enjoy the last of the sunshine and trying to get repairs in the apartment done I just haven’t had the energy to do anything else. Bring on the winter and hibernation. That is always a busy craft time.

Anyway, here I am now to show you a quick easy cheat. We are having lots of birthdays in the office at the moment, and because I make cakes for office friends of mine I can’t really not bake for others. It’s just not nice. So yet again last Sunday I was desperately needing a sweet treat for the office. So I needed a cheat. Using my food processor I made a basic fairy cake batter (eggs, flour, sugar, butter), and then piping some of this delicious cream cheese icing (taste exactly like white chocolate. yum!) and finally (I think this was the saving touch) sprinkled with a few love heart sprinkles. I don’t use sprinkle much by I am so convinced that they really help to pep up boring bakes. It now looks like there was serious effort involved in my little simple cupcakes. Ha! These days I am all about ‘easy.’ Do you have a cheat?


Store Cupboard Supper

This homemade pizza is one of our favorite dinners, and yet it is one of the simplest and the one we always can go to when the cupboards are starting to look a little bare. My favourite is on a lazy Sunday spend ten minutes knocking up the bread base and leave it for an hour or two to prove. Making bread doesn’t need to be a real hassle, make it and leave it while you watch a movie or do some knitting (or both! that sounds like a good Sunday). Use this recipe for the base, or you can cheat and use a pizza base mix or a ready rolled sheet of puff pastry.

Once you have your base ready, spread some passata or a tomato based pasta sauce on your base and top with whatever you have in your fridge – we always keep cheese, onions and chorizo in the house and those alone can made a wicked pizza. One tip those if you are using harder veg – like onion or peppers just lightly cook in a little oil to soften them. One the pizza above we have red onion, peppers, mushrooms, chorizo, left over sausage, mozzerella, and chedder. Pop your pizza in the oven (around 180/200 degrees C) for about 20 minutes (or until golden), then finally just before you tuck in, tear some basil and sprinkle it over the top. Bliss!

August’s Object of Desire

Oh how I love this apron, don’t you? It comes courtesy of Antropologie, which I am loving at the moment. Especially the home department – I could move in there tomorrow! The only thing that breaks my heart a little about this apron is the fact that it is for kids, harsh. I’m trying to think of various ways I could squeeze myself into it!

For £22 it’s a bit pricey for a kids apron but would make a perfect treat for me. I guess there is always one of these adult sized aprons to help ease my broken heart – 1 2 3

Learning to Love my Sewing Machine

My my, it certainly has been a few days since my last post. I got all caught up in the post birthday celebrating and caught up on all the work I have been trying to hard to put off doing. I let myself away with far too much around my birthday. Anyway it’s back to real life now and back to trying to complete my Project 2011. I have a whole drawer full of fabric scraps and fat quarters and all sorts of lovely pieces of fabric and following my investment in Martha’s Sewing Encyclopedia, I decided it was time to dust off my lonely sewing machine and burn some midnight oil in order to make one of the simplest things I could find – napkins.

After picking some suitably summery looking fabric I was off! I made 6 and make them slightly smaller than Martha recommends (17-inches overall prior to sewing). I think this still makes a nice generous sized napkin and it means you can easily get 6 our of a meter of fabric.

And, after minimal cursing and swearing they are complete! Hooray. Now I just need to find more excuses to use them, they will be just perfect for afternoon tea and serving up fat slices of yummy cake. I can’t wait.

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