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Fruity Sugar


Ok, so I was gearing up to share with you this easy little foodie project I just did – flavoured sugar. Yum right? Lovely strawberry and cherry flavoured sugar for topping cupcakes with or dusting donuts with. Beautiful bright pink and and red sugars that taste and smell delicious.

So let me get back on track, I was gearing up to share this all with you, photos taken, recipe reading to relay and then just hours before sharing I came across the below picture. Have you ever had one of those ‘aw, man’ moments, when you stumble on something you were trying to do only to find that someone has done it so much better? How lovely and simple is this image?

End of story – you should totally check out Butterfly Food for this delicious recipe and for some really nice images. Meanwhile I’m off to work on my photographic skills (after a little bit of self pitying).

p.s. I did this recipe with fresh strawberrys and cherrys (simply make a puree and sieve it. Then leave the sugar to dry out, stirring occasionally)



Celebration Decorations

I came across the box below (on Pinterest of course!) and absolutely fell in love with the pom pom garlands. I have to make myself a decoration box like this! I’m partially there with my off cut bunting but the whole thing definitely needs work before Christmas and Birthdays come round again. It’s yet another great crafty idea from Aesthetic Outburst.

And so I set off pom pom making one evening after work. I couldn’t decide on one colour so I chose four! There were off cuts and trimmings everywhere, but finally I was left with this little collection above (on my new Ikea tray, love it). All that was left to do was string them all together.

To find out how to make these mini pom poms see this easy tutorial. Go ahead and make poms poms to your heart’s desire then simply string together. It couldn’t be easier. I can’t wait for Christmas to see it strung around the tree!

September’s Object of Desire

OMG, I managed to post a pitiful three times last month! What is wrong with me? I’m up to my ears at the moment trying to capture every last minute of the fleeting Summer. Are you feeling it too? I’m out in what is left of the sunshine, walking and cycling, eating and drinking. And when I’m in the apartment, I’m hurriedly trying to get it ready for our winter hibernation, painting and plastering, decorating and decluttering. Am I nuts?

Anyway, moving on and back to the focus of this post – it’s time for our monthly object of desire. Another little quirky item this month. I’ve been going through a little bit of an Etsy drought lately. Nothing has really grabbed me (maybe it’s that we are in between seasons, i dunno). But I just happened to stumble upon Uncommon and this cute wooden doily (£10/$16). I can definately imagine my milk jug and sugar bowl sitting happily on one, or a big vase of flowers, or some fresh cakes. I love it.


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