I’d Rather Be Baking

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OK, so October is a new month, and time to get some things in order prior to the madness of the Christmas rush. I’ve noticed lately, that this blog has cake coming out of its ears (OK, so maybe thats more me than the blog, and it is not so much my ears as my tum). Ever since going back to work I have established a rather heavy baking routine, fresh cakes every week – one for the office, one for home. That is alot of cake. And that is alot of incentive to eat cake. So instead of spending a great deal of my Sunday baking, I am making a resolution to give up baking for a whole month (big challenge, I’ll try to stay strong). So, with all my free time I am now going to indulge in some much loved, and missed activities. I promise to:

  1. Buy a new swimsuit and head for the pool – well this one is easy to explain, this is to counteract the effects of far too much baking. With my free time I must get to the pool. No excuses (also part of Project 2011)
  2. Visit a museum – I used to do this all the time, but when you move away from them and you get out of the habit, a visit becomes pretty rare.
  3. Start a new knitting project – The summer has been pretty lacking in knitting projects, and now that the evenings are closing in it is time to dust off those knitting needles. Plus it is an awesome way to keep yourself busy in front of the TV and stop you from snacking.
  4. Make a new Etsy listing – So many ideas and yet I’ve put so few into action! Time to get my finger out and get to it.
  5. Get eight new Pinterest followers (bringing me up to 40) – OK so 40 doesn’t seem that much, but it’s so flattering to think that other people are actually interested in what you pin. 8 new followers would be an amazing boost! You can help by clicking here!
  6. Paint the skirting boards and architraves in the apartment – This seems like a never ending task. I started about a month ago and I’ve only completed two rooms. Sheesh, four more to go……..

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