A Month Without Baking in Review

Did you manage to catch any Guy Fawkes night celebrations? I love them. I think it stems from coming from a country where fireworks are illegal (Ireland) and so opportunities to view displays are few and far between. I’m like a kid on fireworks day. This year the display was so short (did anyone else think so or just me). It only lasted half an hour. These darn cut backs.

Anyway, the point of this post is to give you a review of just how I managed to get through a month without baking! I have to say it was really really tough. And I almost broke my resolution but it seems in a desperate bid to stay on vacation by oven went kaput. Boo. So no I am completely ovenless and it looks like my no baking is going to continue for some time. So because of our broken oven, it has forced us to finally get on with our plans to change our kitchen. So I’m afraid one or two of my resolutions fell by the way side due to hours and hours spent kitchen shopping (check out what we are thinking with my Pinterest board). So on with how I’ve done –

  1. Buy a new swimsuit and head for the pool – Ok so I got almost there. Got the swimsuit and even went to the pool. But it hasn’t become a routine. Must try harder next month…
  2. Visit a museum – Done! We went to see a cool AC/DC exhibition in Glasgow. It was fun getting ‘cultured’ in rock and roll.
  3. Start a new knitting project – Yes! Ok so it is only a little project and I haven’t completed it yet, but I’ll definitely be showing you it soon. I miss knitting. I need to find more time for it before Christmas.
  4. Make a new Etsy listing – well I’m cheating on this one and giving myself tonight as an extension. I’ve got everything photographed I just need to post the listing. I’m excited about it so keep an eye out tonight!
  5. Get eight new Pinterest followers (bringing me up to 40) – Actually I’m at 41 now. Whoop! I hope the momentum keeps up. I love sharing internet finds on my boards. Come stop by sometime.
  6. Paint the skirting boards and architraves in the apartment – Hmm, well I need an extension on this one too. I’m almost there though, I only have one and a half rooms left. And to be fair I have managed to do a trade off and fit a blind and do this (super proud of that one, wiring is scary)
Overall I’m slowly getting there, but I CANNOT WAIT until I can start baking again in my new oven. Looks like it will probably be another month though. Boo. I’ll keep you posted.

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