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Little Triumphs

While sitting down at Christmas dinner we some how got started discussing the past year, and what each of us were proud to achieve. For some it was graduating, others lowering their golfing handicap. It’s funny that you don’t have to do something monumental in order to have real pride in an achievement. I forget that sometimes and I get bitterly disappointed at missing out on that ‘epic’ achievement and don’t enjoy the quiet little successes enough. This year I did my best to get through Project 2011. There were a fair few I didn’t get round to, but I’m OK with that. Its not supposed to be strict, just a little reminder of some of the things I would like to aim to achieve. A push in the right direction really.

This year I’m proud of alot of things – I graduated (again), I passed my driving test (OK so I consider that one epic), I got a job (WOOOOHOOO!), we got a new (to us) car, we got a new kitchen (I’m in heaven), this little blog of mine has had over 120,000 visitors (I am gobsmacked), I discovered Pinterest and now have over 70 amazing followers. I did some terrifying things like I was photographer at a friend’s wedding (yipes), I went to see some incredible live music, we got a new member of the family and another relation parted ways, I spent time with friends and even made some new ones. And I’m only touching on some of that things that happened this year. I really hope next year gets close to how good this one was.


P.S. to celebrate the end of an amazing year I’m having a big sale in my Etsy Shoppop over to see some of the bargains to be had.


My Christmas Gift Knitting

Well now that Chritmas is all done and all the presents are unwrapped I can finally show you exactly what I was frantically doing in the run up to the big day. Continuing on my tradition of a crafted christmas and trying to keep the occasion as stress free as possible (ha! that never works out!), I only undertook two knitted projects to gift this season. One for a little baby, my neice, and the other was a small gift for another family member. Both patterns were very simple (I was really trying to keep to this stress free notion), and didn’t use a great deal of wool.The first gift was this lovely sandinavian cardi – Plain Vest by Pickles. What convinced me to make this cardigan is the cuteness of the toddler modeling it. She reminds me a little of myself when I was the same age. Especially her little ponytail. I’m am also a big fan of Pickles. I love their patterns (they give loads away as freebies and sell some too) and their unusual yarns in the most beautiful shades. If you don’t know them check them out. This pattern is actually free for the 1 year old size. And is is so simple. You knit it in one piece, knitting with two skeins at the same time, and it would be great for beginners. I loosened the neck a little more than the pattern said too but other than that I keep to the pattern. If I were to knit it again, I might move the buttons closer together. But all in all, I can’t wait to see it modeled on its recipient. And the second knit was one of my patterns (available free here) – a slouchy hat knit with the nicest chunky grey yarn (I was sorely tempted to keep this for myself). This hat knits up in no time at all and only used just over one 100g ball but I completely left it to the last minute. 30 minutes before I left for the airport I was still tying in loose ends. Next year, I promise to get my Christmas knitting sorted by October (what are the chances?)

I hope my creations have gone to a good home and are going to be loved and looked after. Maybe in 2012 I’ll knit something for myself? Hmm. I’m off to indulge in one too many mince pies and a enough wine to make my cheeks rosy. Throw in a new knitting project and I would be in heaven. Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas Cheer

Well, I hope that by now everyone has Christmas well under control and you are sitting back, relaxing and treating yourself. Just think, in a little over 24 hours time it will all be over. I’m not a grinch or anything, but usually by now I’m reaching the end of my tether. Especially with the run up to Christmas lasting so long (I saw wrapping paper in M&S in September!) I just feel well and truly sick of it by the 24th. But, all being said, I am looking forward to a quite Christmas with my family. I’m looking forward to some brisk walks in the country side. I’m looking forward to a big roast and a nap in front of the fire afterwards. How about you?

Here is wishing every one of my readers and visitors a very happy Christmas and holiday season. I hope it turns out to be everything (& more) that you were hoping for.

Baby Knits

Well I promised it and here it is – my knitting project that I undertook during my month (which actually turned out to be much more than a month) without baking. I just needed something little to start me back into the knitting season (does anyone knit through Summer really?), and luckily all my friends seem to be having babies. It is definitely baby season in this part of the world! And it is always nice to give a little gift but as I am both cash and time poor, it has to be a very small gift. Luckily these booties fit the bill. They only use ends of other balls of wool and take only a night to whip up (minus the making up. Bah! I HATE making up). So to add to the rush of babies here, no one seems to be finding out the sex. So I am left with the dilemma of what non-gender specific colors I should knit up. No pinks or blues here. But I think the green actually worked out rather well. They are quite cute, if I do say so myself.

If you fancy giving them ago, you can get the pattern for free (yippee). It’s the Baby Bootie Pattern by Saartje Knits. There are plenty of step by step photos to help you if you’re feeling nervous about taking them on. I’d say give them a go. I think I may even knit up a few pairs in preparations for what is only going to be more and more babies (oh, am I getting that old…?)

December’s Object of Desire

This month’s object of desire is a mix of Christmas, baking and knitting (all the best things which feature high in my December), it is these knitted cupcakes (£10 for four) from Paperchase. I haven’t even put up our tree yet so I don’t have anywhere to hang them. Hasn’t Christmas just crept up on you this year? Getting my present shopping sorted is far higher up my priority list right now. So maybe those more fortunate among you, those of you with your shopping all done and tree all lit up can celebrate with these softies. I however, have not earned them… I’d better head into town to get started…

My Weekend

This weekend I was in much need of some slobbing around time. Between kitchen organising and the fast approaching Christmas holidays I am stressed. So this weekend I kicked back and put my feet up for a few hours. I made gallons of warm tea in my new ‘E’ mug (I love it! and it is nice and big), ate one or two shortbread biscuits (well this is Scotland afterall) and tucked in to my ever growing stack of books and magazines. Bliss! Just to torment myself while my oven is still out of commission I brought myself a copy of the  Primrose Bakery Book. I can’t wait to have everything back to normal here and I can celebrate by trying out their yummy cupcakes, like these marshmallow & chocolate cupcakes or these mini carrot cupcakes. Oh if only things would hurry up!

Meanwhile I’m also ploughing on with my Christmas Knitting. I’ve cast on this Plain Vest from Pickles for my niece. I can’t wait to finish it, by the way if you’re looking for an easy-peasy children’s knit, this is it. There is no making up at all (Hooray!) I hope you did the same this weekend and took a little ‘me’ time 🙂

Crafting Christmas

I love Christmas. And when it comes to about October I’m already making my grant plans for all the homemade and lovely crafty things I’m going to make to celebrate. But every year I bit off more than I can chew and generally end up having a slight meltdown when I can’t knit/cook all the gifts I wanted to and make all the new decorations I was hoping for. And coming up to Christmas, stress levels are generally running high even without all the crafty hassle. So I’m making a resolution. Not to give up having a crafted Christmas but just to concentrate on one or two nice things to add to the collection. That way over the years everything builds up to a nice collection. So if you haven’t chosen your crafty projects for this Christmas, have a look below at some of my favourites.

1: Take your pick from the numerous garland tutorials from A Beautiful Mess. 2: Have a go at making your own Christmas cards like Linzie Hunter. 3: Get ready for Santa with this rustic Stocking Pattern from Kirsten Makes ($5.00). 4: Cheer up your teapot with this Christmas Tree Tea Cosy Kit (£25.35 for pattern, needles and yarn). 5: Make your own bauble wreath using this easy DIY from Everything Fabulous. 6: Decorate boring brown paper by making pencil eraser stamps with Crature Comforts for unique wrapping paper.  7: Craft your own felt mistletoe with Stay at Home Artist. 8: Knit yourself a nativity scene with this pattern from Alan Dart (£2.50).

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