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February’s Object of Desire

OK so this month’s Object of Desire is a little bit of  a cheat. Normally I pick things that I’m dreaming of purchasing only the price tag and/or my lack of money prevents me from purchasing. But this month, I’ve been utterly seduced and have succumbed to purchasing this item (yippee for me!). To be fair this has been a very long time coming. I have been wanting a name necklace for forever. I had one when I was little but I don’t remember what happened to it. I have been despe personalise rately begging the boy to buy me one for years. But, he is absolutely against the idea. Over here (in the UK), they don’t have a good rap and are not associated with the classiest of people (that is putting it kindly and mildly). So him being so against them put a little seed of doubt in my mind and so I never had the guts to follow through and buy one for myself.

Well that was until I came across this beauty. And I had to have one. The necklaces are custom made with whatever saying/name you want on them to them and they are made in my favourite city in the world, the wonderful Seattle. OOoohhh! I can’t wait to get mine! Have a look around the maker Foamy Wader’s Etsy Shop, for all her other lovely jewelry (I also love her kissing couple necklace). Go look!

Also, I am keeping up with my Project 2012 goals and have put my first new Etsy listing of 2012 up, these cute Grey Knitted Shoe Clips. Bring on the next 11 months!



Bead Soup

As part of my Spring cleansing (doe anything feel better that getting rid of some of that clutter that has built up over the Winter???) I decided the other day to gather up all my unwanted jewelry (both bought and my own creations) and rather than just chucking them out I thought I should deconstruct them. Some of them had the most lovely beads, it’s just that they were not working in their current assembly. I’m all for recycling too, especially when beads from bead shops cost so much. So at the end of my butchering I was left with these –

A good haul don’t you think? Now I just need some pondering time while I think of what to do with them….. Any thoughts?

1st Birthday Giveaway

Hip Hip Hooray! has made it to it’s first birthday and it’s time to party!

And we want you to celebrate with us with cake! Or more precisely, we’re giving away one of our cupcake necklaces to two lucky winners – but as a gift to every reader, we’re handing out vouchers to all our followers. Use the code ‘HAPPYBDAY‘ to get 15% off every purchase in Knit1Slip1’s Etsy Shop.

But to enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

  • Subscribe to our blog
  • Comment on this post
  • Add an item from our shop or our shop to your favourites on Etsy
  • Follow us on Twitter @Knit1Slip1
  • Mentions us @Knit1Slip1 on Twitter
  • Retweet about the giveaway

Each of these counts as an entry and the giveaway is open to all readers, regardless of location. Two lucky readers will get the chance to win one of our Cupcake Love Necklaces – with the choice of Strawberry Frosted, Sprinkles, Raspberry Swirl or Cherry on Top. Delicious!

Shop Update

So as part of Project 2011 I’m expanding my Etsy Empire. Ha, that’s laughable. An Empire it is not, a cosy little collection is probably more apt and more to my liking. I’m having such fun thinking up and bringing to life my ideas. My little cupcake markers have been such a hit, that I thought I would make a little something for baking queens and the non-knitting divas out there. May I introduce Cupcake Love Necklaces. All the deliciousness but with non of the calories of the real thing! Perfect for maintaining all those New Year’s Diet resolutions.

You can choose from four yummy varieties – Strawberry Frosted, Sprinkles, Raspberry Swirl and Cherry on top. You can find them in my Etsy Shop for £5.70 (US $9). Declare your lasting love of baked goods and wear these necklaces proud! What do you think?

6 Ways with Snowflakes… Beads

Well the snow came with a bang last Saturday. Actually lots and lots of bang and some flashes too. It was one of the most spectacular thunder storms I’ve ever witnessed during a Scottish Winter. And it has barely stopped snowing since then. It’s 10 days later here and we’re still trapped – snowed and now iced in. It’s -5 degrees according to the thermometer, we haven’t had post or rubbish collection in those 10 days and we are running very low on food. Good news is that is it still possible to trek to the local shop to get supplies. Bad news is that I am so very under prepared for this that the most appropriate food wear I own is a pair of chuck taylors. Humph. So I’m trying my very best to stay warm and dry inside but I am going mad.

But finally I’ve giving in to the weather and I have made a vow, that if I can’t beat it, well I might as well join it eh? So here begins the next of our ‘6 Ways with…’ series and this time we’re dealing with the humble but beautiful snowflake.

Snowflakes are the perfect winter symbol. I always put them up around the house in the run up to Christmas. I’m not allowed to put up actual decorations as Mr. A. is a Christmas baby and therefore the tradition has always been that his birthday is celebrated then Christmas, rather than being overshadowed. But snowflakes are acceptable and also I leave them up well into January and until the beginning of February, the end of snow season really. So lets begin shall we?

This is a really fun craft and uses up odd and ends of beads. I use these snowflakes as window decorations but they also look great on the Christmas tree. What you’ll need is:

  • Beadsmith Snowflake Wire Pack (every good beading shop will have these this time of year)
  • Beads of any shape, size or color. I used a mixture of clear, white and silver but colourful snowflakes would look great too.
  • Round nose pliers
  • Ribbon/Illusion cord to hang your snowflakes
  • Craft Wire (optional)

To assemble them is simple, just:

  1. Take your snowflake wire and start pushing beads down each strand. Leave 1 cm of wire still visible. When you’re happy with your arrangement, take you round nose pliers and turn the wire at the end to form a loop and to close your snowflake strand.
  2. Repeat this all the way around your snowflake
  3. If you want you can fix stings of beads between your snowflake strands by taking some craft wire. String with beads. Wrap one end of your craft wire around a snowflake strand and go to the next strand and wrap again. Repeat this until you join your strand all together, as shown in the two snowflakes in the below right photo.
  4. Finally when your finished, take some ribbon and pass it through one of your snowflake loops. Tie and hang.

6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Beads

Today’s hair clip idea is both simple and infuriating. I’m a beader. And one of the biggest problems I suffer from is committing to my chosen beads. I spent most of my time going ‘how about this’ or ‘ooo, what about these?’ By the time I get round to deciding it’s three hours later and I’m exhausted. So for me teaming bead decisions with all the possible patterns to sew them on in, is an endless pass time. I started with a simple combo this time but I think it’s the kind of craft that I’m going to do over and over and have one in every color and for every mood. I can’t wait.

To make a beaded hair clip, I used a jumbo hair clip but you could use a normal sized one with seed beads or smaller sized beads. Simply sew your chosen beads on to your hair clip cover in your desired pattern. Like the rest of these hair clip tutorials it couldn’t be simpler. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your own accessories. I’d love to see them!

Volcano Bracelet Tutorial

I realize it has been an age since I posted any homemade jewelry. There has been a whole lot of knitting about instead. Perhaps I’m getting ready for hibernation mode? But it can’t all be home knit jumpers and sweat pants in my future, there have to be glitzy party days too right? Here’s hoping! In anticipation, I present to you Knit1 Slip1’s Volcano Bracelet. It is a glamorous, quirky little project and takes less than an hour to make. Better still it is really simple. It can be made into a bracelet (like the pictures) or a necklace. All the directions can be found on this free printable. I look forward to seeing your takes on it!

And in other news:

I’m stuck at home with a head cold (which is driving me mad because the weather is stunning at the moment and I’m stuck at home). So in-between working my way through Scotland’s Kleenex supply and slurping Covent Garden Chicken Soup (yum!) I have managed to do some much needed Blog tidying up. And, there is a new feature within the blog – My monthly ‘Object of Desire.’ A place to showcase all the amazing loveliness out there to purchase for a reasonable fee. I’d better get saving…

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