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Chocolate Roulade

Well here begins the baking for my Baking 2012. Eep! I’m excited. I have a top ten list of my dream bakes to learn how to do this year. And here I’m starting off with roulade. It’s awesome. Did you know you basically only need eggs and sugar? Perfect for when you’re out of butter (that’s me all the time), so in facts it is a perfect store cupboard bake. I started off with Mary Berry’s Ultimate Chocolate Roulade. What better way than to start with a recipe from the queen of baking right?

It was such a simple recipe and everything went absolutely swimmingly except until I went to roll up my roulade. It totally stuck to the baking parchment. Groan! Oh well, I just used the baker’s cover up – icing sugar. Also I developed my own filling. Instead of using the orange zest in the recipe, I added a splash of toffee vodka to the whipped cream filling. And yum! Chocolate, toffee, boozy loveliness.

But I don’t think this is roulades ticked off my list just yet. I’m going to solve this sticking problem with the next one fingers crossed.


A Baking Ambition

I am still so enthusiastic about baking since watching the Great British Bake Off and all the amazing challenges and everything I still had to learn about. At the time I wanted so badly to join in at home but it was just too much to do every week on top of daily life. So, instead, this year as part of Project 2012 I’m preparing my own top wish list of baked goods.

  1. Eclairs – I will conquer choux pastry.
  2. Swiss Roll/Roulade – These are definitely a skill and make so impressive easy bakes (I hope) – Chocolate Roulade
  3. Creme Brulee – Bliss. I may get very fat working my way through this list
  4. Tart au Citron – In the Summer this is just the best dessert. Take your chocolate stuffed cakes and puddings, I will choose this every time
  5. Lemon/Lime Meringue Pie – I LOVE these. I first fell in love with them living in the States (they are big there, and not so here) but I haven’t managed to have one since coming home. Boo.
  6. Scones – Don’t get me wrong, I have made many a batch of scones but none ever have that lovely lightness of cafe bought ones. Where am I going wrong?
  7. Shortbread – Well I do live in Scotland.
  8. Cake decorations (chocolate swirls, sugar baskets and things) – In order to step up my cakes and cupcakes.
  9. Traditional Christmas Cake – Make in October and feed it with booze ’til Christmas and then cover in marzipan and royal icing. A mammoth job but I’m willing.
  10. Tortillas – I’ve never had anything but shop bought tortillas. I imagine fresh they are just awesome. They can’t be that hard, right?

Wish me luck. And don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it!

Pimp my Cupcake with Burnt Butter Cupcakes

It’s time for another Nigella Lawson Recipe, following on from last week. I forgot how fool proof her recipes are. If you have never given them a try, I would really recommend it. So, onto baking Burnt Butter Brown Sugar Cupcakes (from How to be a Domestic Goddess, you can find a similar recipe here at Cakestorm). I picked the recipe because it sounded so different that your standard vanilla or chocolate. So onto the baking. I have to admit I was incredibly lazy and just whizzed most of the ingredients in the food processor (It’s bliss! So easy). The cupcakes turned out really well and this lovely dark golden to the outside and caramel coloured inside. When it came to the icing, I didn’t use the golden icing sugar listed and used just regular icing sugar but I thick they turned out just fine. And to give them that final flourish I used Gold Shimmer Spray to bling them up (to pimp my cupcakes really). And they look so bling with their gold shimmer and yellow icing. I definately have to try them for a special occasion. The cupcakes taste? Lovely, sweet and nutty (thats the burnt butter) and light. Yum.

Mocha Cupcakes

The other day I was rooting through my baking cupboards and my cookbooks to try and find a recipe the contained the ingredients from my very limited larder. I love going out with a shopping list for all the different aspects of the next spectacular cake I’m dreaming of but there are an awful lot of days when I just feel the urge to bake without leaving the cosy confines of the apartment. So, while flicking through my recipe stash I came accross Nigella Lawson‘s ‘Espresso Cupcakes’ (from ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess.’ You can get a adaptation of the recipe from Cate’s World Kitchen here). I love coffee, and I love chocolate. Perfect. So I set off.

They were, as any cupcake recipe is, so simple to make. I opted out of Nigella’s suggested icing as I had a taste for some nice coffee buttercream (unfortunately I added a little too much coffee and the butter and liquid separated. darn, noted for next time). But overall they were delicious. They even appealed to the ‘non-coffee drinking but chocolate loving’ boy. Success. So with this, it is back to baking my way through 2012.

A Month Without Baking in Review

Did you manage to catch any Guy Fawkes night celebrations? I love them. I think it stems from coming from a country where fireworks are illegal (Ireland) and so opportunities to view displays are few and far between. I’m like a kid on fireworks day. This year the display was so short (did anyone else think so or just me). It only lasted half an hour. These darn cut backs.

Anyway, the point of this post is to give you a review of just how I managed to get through a month without baking! I have to say it was really really tough. And I almost broke my resolution but it seems in a desperate bid to stay on vacation by oven went kaput. Boo. So no I am completely ovenless and it looks like my no baking is going to continue for some time. So because of our broken oven, it has forced us to finally get on with our plans to change our kitchen. So I’m afraid one or two of my resolutions fell by the way side due to hours and hours spent kitchen shopping (check out what we are thinking with my Pinterest board). So on with how I’ve done –

  1. Buy a new swimsuit and head for the pool – Ok so I got almost there. Got the swimsuit and even went to the pool. But it hasn’t become a routine. Must try harder next month…
  2. Visit a museum – Done! We went to see a cool AC/DC exhibition in Glasgow. It was fun getting ‘cultured’ in rock and roll.
  3. Start a new knitting project – Yes! Ok so it is only a little project and I haven’t completed it yet, but I’ll definitely be showing you it soon. I miss knitting. I need to find more time for it before Christmas.
  4. Make a new Etsy listing – well I’m cheating on this one and giving myself tonight as an extension. I’ve got everything photographed I just need to post the listing. I’m excited about it so keep an eye out tonight!
  5. Get eight new Pinterest followers (bringing me up to 40) – Actually I’m at 41 now. Whoop! I hope the momentum keeps up. I love sharing internet finds on my boards. Come stop by sometime.
  6. Paint the skirting boards and architraves in the apartment – Hmm, well I need an extension on this one too. I’m almost there though, I only have one and a half rooms left. And to be fair I have managed to do a trade off and fit a blind and do this (super proud of that one, wiring is scary)
Overall I’m slowly getting there, but I CANNOT WAIT until I can start baking again in my new oven. Looks like it will probably be another month though. Boo. I’ll keep you posted.

I’d Rather Be Baking

(click on the above image for source)

OK, so October is a new month, and time to get some things in order prior to the madness of the Christmas rush. I’ve noticed lately, that this blog has cake coming out of its ears (OK, so maybe thats more me than the blog, and it is not so much my ears as my tum). Ever since going back to work I have established a rather heavy baking routine, fresh cakes every week – one for the office, one for home. That is alot of cake. And that is alot of incentive to eat cake. So instead of spending a great deal of my Sunday baking, I am making a resolution to give up baking for a whole month (big challenge, I’ll try to stay strong). So, with all my free time I am now going to indulge in some much loved, and missed activities. I promise to:

  1. Buy a new swimsuit and head for the pool – well this one is easy to explain, this is to counteract the effects of far too much baking. With my free time I must get to the pool. No excuses (also part of Project 2011)
  2. Visit a museum – I used to do this all the time, but when you move away from them and you get out of the habit, a visit becomes pretty rare.
  3. Start a new knitting project – The summer has been pretty lacking in knitting projects, and now that the evenings are closing in it is time to dust off those knitting needles. Plus it is an awesome way to keep yourself busy in front of the TV and stop you from snacking.
  4. Make a new Etsy listing – So many ideas and yet I’ve put so few into action! Time to get my finger out and get to it.
  5. Get eight new Pinterest followers (bringing me up to 40) – OK so 40 doesn’t seem that much, but it’s so flattering to think that other people are actually interested in what you pin. 8 new followers would be an amazing boost! You can help by clicking here!
  6. Paint the skirting boards and architraves in the apartment – This seems like a never ending task. I started about a month ago and I’ve only completed two rooms. Sheesh, four more to go……..

Fruity Sugar


Ok, so I was gearing up to share with you this easy little foodie project I just did – flavoured sugar. Yum right? Lovely strawberry and cherry flavoured sugar for topping cupcakes with or dusting donuts with. Beautiful bright pink and and red sugars that taste and smell delicious.

So let me get back on track, I was gearing up to share this all with you, photos taken, recipe reading to relay and then just hours before sharing I came across the below picture. Have you ever had one of those ‘aw, man’ moments, when you stumble on something you were trying to do only to find that someone has done it so much better? How lovely and simple is this image?

End of story – you should totally check out Butterfly Food for this delicious recipe and for some really nice images. Meanwhile I’m off to work on my photographic skills (after a little bit of self pitying).

p.s. I did this recipe with fresh strawberrys and cherrys (simply make a puree and sieve it. Then leave the sugar to dry out, stirring occasionally)


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