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It’s my birthday! Hooray. While I’m off having fun with birthday related antics, and in order to celebrate with you, and to herald in lots of new items in my Etsy shop, you can get 15% off all orders placed on my birthday (see below for code). Woop woop! It you haven’t had a look around lately, here are just a few of the new treats that have appeared…

We have these adorable felt bow shoe clips (below). Clip them to the front or back of your shoes. Perfect for a little pick me up. Get them in three summer colours – dusty pink, burnt yellow and sunkissed red. Get a pair for £4.40 ($7) or just £3.74 ($6) with the discount.

I’m loving geometric shapes at the moments are you? So here is my Green & Black Geometric Necklace (below) – £7.20 ($11.60) or £6.12 ($9.86) after discount. For more images, click on any of the pictures from this post and get taken to my Etsy shop.

Or try my new Midnight Blue Drop Earring (below) design? They are the perfect balance of sparkly and dangly. Try them for £4.08 ($6.60).

All you need to do to redeem your discount is to type ‘HAPPYBDAY’ into the discount code section when passing through the Etsy Checkout. 

Please note that all price conversions are liable to change, and were correct at the time of typing this post.

6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Bows

This is the next in our series of hair clips and I’m absolutely in love with them. Aren’t they the cutest? And like the other projects they take very little effort to make. I’ve been wearing them all week long, when they are not in my hair they are clipped to my winter jacket, brightening up the drab weather. For these I used regular sized hair clips.

To Make:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of felt – both 2 cms thick, one 12cm long and one 4cm long
  2. Take your big piece of felt – fold it to make the main bow (see below left) and secure in place with a pin. Sew to fully secure
  3. Using you small piece of felt wrap it around the centre of your bow and sew in place. Trim any extra felt
  4. Sew your bow onto your pre-covered hair clip

Finally puff up your bow a little and you’re set. It couldn’t be simpler. Good luck!

Summer Bows and Dreams of French Boarding Schools

After a few weeks of dreadful weather, we have managed to recapture Summer. As I looked at the partner hair comb to my Chloe one, I decided to push to embody my joy of all things Summer (heat, swimming, skirts, flip flops, ice cream….) and create an alternative hair comb. A ‘nice’ comb to go with the ‘naughty’ one, sort of, or a ‘day’ to go with the ‘night.’

While rooting around in my present and wrapping drawer for a thank you card (remaining thanks to be passed out following my birthday), I came accross a lovely little scrap of yellow and white ribbon. I remember getting some clothes I bought in San Francisco tied up in this lovely ribbon one previous Summer. A bow seemed like the perfect idea. To make:

  1. Cut 3 pieces of your chosen ribbon. 1  a little longer than the length of your hair comb (Piece A), 1 twice the length of the previous (Piece B), and 1 just long enough to act as the ‘tie’ in the centre (Piece C)
  2. With Piece A below, take Piece B and form a circle. flatten it with the joint in the centre and pin all the pieces together. Sew in place
  3. Take Piece C and wrap it around the centre of your bow. Sew in place being careful to sew to the main bow but not through to the front
  4. Trim Piece A to your liking and singe the ends slightly by holding near a flame. Sew your bow to your hair come and away you go!

I love it so much! I’ve been wearing it to the top of my head with floaty summer skirts, feeling like Madeline frolicking around the streets of Paris with the nuns from her boarding school. Long may it last.

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