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Chocolate Roulade

Well here begins the baking for my Baking 2012. Eep! I’m excited. I have a top ten list of my dream bakes to learn how to do this year. And here I’m starting off with roulade. It’s awesome. Did you know you basically only need eggs and sugar? Perfect for when you’re out of butter (that’s me all the time), so in facts it is a perfect store cupboard bake. I started off with Mary Berry’s Ultimate Chocolate Roulade. What better way than to start with a recipe from the queen of baking right?

It was such a simple recipe and everything went absolutely swimmingly except until I went to roll up my roulade. It totally stuck to the baking parchment. Groan! Oh well, I just used the baker’s cover up – icing sugar. Also I developed my own filling. Instead of using the orange zest in the recipe, I added a splash of toffee vodka to the whipped cream filling. And yum! Chocolate, toffee, boozy loveliness.

But I don’t think this is roulades ticked off my list just yet. I’m going to solve this sticking problem with the next one fingers crossed.


All about Easy

Oh I’m such a bad blogger. I apologise. I have been well off my routine lately with regard to posting and really with regard to crafting. I am going through a crafting drought really – I’m so busy trying to enjoy the last of the sunshine and trying to get repairs in the apartment done I just haven’t had the energy to do anything else. Bring on the winter and hibernation. That is always a busy craft time.

Anyway, here I am now to show you a quick easy cheat. We are having lots of birthdays in the office at the moment, and because I make cakes for office friends of mine I can’t really not bake for others. It’s just not nice. So yet again last Sunday I was desperately needing a sweet treat for the office. So I needed a cheat. Using my food processor I made a basic fairy cake batter (eggs, flour, sugar, butter), and then piping some of this delicious cream cheese icing (taste exactly like white chocolate. yum!) and finally (I think this was the saving touch) sprinkled with a few love heart sprinkles. I don’t use sprinkle much by I am so convinced that they really help to pep up boring bakes. It now looks like there was serious effort involved in my little simple cupcakes. Ha! These days I am all about ‘easy.’ Do you have a cheat?

A Recap

Well, my birthday has been and gone. And it was lovely. Remember the big cake debate? Well I finally chose a three tier red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. It was really good and everyone like it, although it wasn’t the prettiest of cakes. The icing is really runny. Next time I would add alot more icing sugar. Sorry there are no pictures, I had a picture-free week (bliss). For my birthday I got, this great cake baked for me by friends (complete with candied peel. hardcore or what?), 44 DVDs of the West Wing, A HUGE Julius Shulman Picture Book, hunter welly socks, 2 dinners out, and a haircut. So it was a happy, contented birthday. Until next year!

(p.s. red welly update – no sign of them as yet, although I still have one or two presents still to get. Fingers crossed)

The Icing on the (Cup)Cake

Time for a simple little post for such a miserable rainy day (it feels like October not July). Well, remember I told you I splurged and bought myself a new set of jumbo piping nozzles? Well this weekend I did a quick bit of baking (quick because the weather was so glorious it would have been a sin to stay inside). Using my great new food processer, I whipped up a simple victoria sponge mix and baked some cupcakes. After leaving them to cook, I got to icing.

I used the large star to ice by cupcakes with a cocoa buttercream icing (yum), and then left it to set. And look how they turned out? For a first attempt I’m chuffed. I will definately be doing this again soon, nut maybe with other flavours of icing and some sprinkles and things as a final flourish. I can’t wait. Also I need to give the other nozzles a go.

Pipe (ing) Dreams

I went a little mad this weekend and bought something I shouldn’t have. I’ve been wanting a good set of piping nozzles for ages, and while I already have a set, the ones I have have the smallest nozzles. Which I think is perfectly normal for older, more traditional sets. But lately the fashion has been for lots of decadent icing, so to achieve that effect you need BIG nozzles.

So when I came across this set from lakeland my resolve for not spending money weakened. The pack didn’t come with any listing of what each nozzle did so I have made educated guess with regard to their use. The one labeled leaf, I know isn’t a leaf but I couldn’t think of another name for it. What do you think? I can’t wait to use the large writer to make those Sprinkles-like iced cupcakes. Ooh, so keep eyes peeled over the coming weeks. I’m going icing crazy.

Not Just for Kids – Mars Bar Cakes

Today I’m going to share with you a special secret treat of mine. It’s an occassional guilty pleasure, that makes my mouth water and bring me back to being a kid. Today, I’m going to explain to you the joy of Mars Bar Cakes – a more mature Krispie Cake if you like. They are so simple to make, take no time, no cooking (only a little melting) and can be made with all store cupboard ingredients. My kind of baking.

To make, all you need is:

  • 6 x 50g Mars Bars (thats the size of our standard Mars here, but don’t worry. Exact measurements aren’t critical. Approximate)
  • 150g of butter
  • 150g of Rice Krispies (a little more if you want to make it last, a little less if you want a more luxurious Krispie Cake)
  • 200g of milk/dark chocolate
To assemble:
  1. Melt you Mars Bars and butted in a bain marie (be patient, the mars takes a while to melt)
  2. Take your butter/Mars mix off the heat and pour in your Rice Krispies. Try to fold them in so that you don’t crush them too much.
  3. When fully mixed, pour into a greased baking tin and press out to flatten it.
  4. Melt your milk/dark chocolate and pour evenly over the top of your flattened Krispies. Leave to cool and set. Then pop out of you tin and cut them into squares.

And that is just it. They are absolutely scrumptious! You must try them.

A Slice of Chocolate Heaven

This weekend I was astonished. Mr. A approached me with a recipe and a request. He generally doesn’t pay that much attention to my baking other that being the grateful recipient. But he had a simple request for me to make this amazing choc-orange tart. So on Saturday I set about making it.

Backstory: A few weeks ago Mr. A’s Mum insisted on giving me her old food processor as she had just bought a new one. I was too polite to decline it. Really I’m not into kitchen gadgets. 1: I don’t think they are always as handy as they pretend to be (ever cleaned a juicer. life it too short) and 2: I hate clutter. I don’t want pasta makers, ice cream machines, potato ricers, and all the rest taking up precious cupboard and worktop space. No thank you. But I was landed with this food processor. And after abandoning it in Mr. A’s car boot for a few months, he gave me the ultimatum – use it or chuck it, either way get it out of my boot. Although I didn’t want it, I just didn’t have the heart to chuck it. Yeah, it’s ugly, and a bit stained and dowdy looking, but it’s perfectly good. So into the kitchen it came. And I lost a half a square meter of worktop space.

But anyway, cutting to the chase, I was given this recipe which included pastry. I loathe making pastry. I just can’t make it right. I generally buy it ready made – shocking I know 😛 But this time, I didn’t have any bought pastry to hand and Mr. A really wanted this tart, so I thought, maybe I’ll try the food processor. I lumped all the pastr ingredients in and pressed go! And it was amazing! It came together in a matter of seconds and it was the most soft and silky and lovely pastry I’ve ever laid eyes on. And when it was baked it surprised me again by how amazingly lights and buttery and just lovely in general it was. I can now place my hand on my heart and say I am converted to the amazingness of food processors. I take it all back!

P.S. the tart in the recipe was awesome. Much recommended!

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