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My Christmas Bootie

Christmas was good this year (as every year) and I’m so delighted to be recipient of lots and lots of lovely gifts. I think I’m easy to please (but is that similar to the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ theory on girls that think they are low maintenance??), but everyone aced it this year. I almost couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over so I could come home and try them all out.

1.Sweeties from M&S (only available in store). I love the retro packaging don’t you? 2. Itty bitty slow cooker from Lakeland. It’s only 1.5 litres but it gets great reviews and will be really nice to come home from work to a cooked dinner. 3. Lots of glorious cook books! Hooray. I got four – The Hairy Bikers ‘Perfect Pies’ (yum! I can envision the extra pounds I will be putting on from all the pastry) Valvona & Crolla ‘A Year at an Italian Table’ (V&C is the MOST amazing italian deli/cafe/restaurant in Edinburgh. If you are ever in the city, go! So I can’t wait to be able to cook some of their recipes at home) Mary Berry’s ‘Baking Bible’ (I LOVE Mary Berry. She is definitely the queen of cakes. So many classic recipes in this one) and finally Sarah Lewis’s ‘The Complete Slow Cooker’ (for when I need inspiration for my new slow cooker) All in all, I have LOTS of recipes to get through 4. Felt cupcake & chocolate ornaments – made from pop colours and loaded with beads and glitter. Shame I have to wait ’til next year to display them 5. Donna Wilson ‘Circus Gloves’ I love these! Their bright colours and funky patterns and the fact that they are so cosy. They come right up my arms. Perfect for Scottish Winters and courtesy of the Boy 6. Knitting needles! Yes, my mum bought me needles, and yes I do already have two pairs of 4.5mm needles but that is absolutely not the point. Isn’t it lovely when people buy you crafty things?


Christmas Cheer

Well, I hope that by now everyone has Christmas well under control and you are sitting back, relaxing and treating yourself. Just think, in a little over 24 hours time it will all be over. I’m not a grinch or anything, but usually by now I’m reaching the end of my tether. Especially with the run up to Christmas lasting so long (I saw wrapping paper in M&S in September!) I just feel well and truly sick of it by the 24th. But, all being said, I am looking forward to a quite Christmas with my family. I’m looking forward to some brisk walks in the country side. I’m looking forward to a big roast and a nap in front of the fire afterwards. How about you?

Here is wishing every one of my readers and visitors a very happy Christmas and holiday season. I hope it turns out to be everything (& more) that you were hoping for.

December’s Object of Desire

This month’s object of desire is a mix of Christmas, baking and knitting (all the best things which feature high in my December), it is these knitted cupcakes (£10 for four) from Paperchase. I haven’t even put up our tree yet so I don’t have anywhere to hang them. Hasn’t Christmas just crept up on you this year? Getting my present shopping sorted is far higher up my priority list right now. So maybe those more fortunate among you, those of you with your shopping all done and tree all lit up can celebrate with these softies. I however, have not earned them… I’d better head into town to get started…

Crafting Christmas

I love Christmas. And when it comes to about October I’m already making my grant plans for all the homemade and lovely crafty things I’m going to make to celebrate. But every year I bit off more than I can chew and generally end up having a slight meltdown when I can’t knit/cook all the gifts I wanted to and make all the new decorations I was hoping for. And coming up to Christmas, stress levels are generally running high even without all the crafty hassle. So I’m making a resolution. Not to give up having a crafted Christmas but just to concentrate on one or two nice things to add to the collection. That way over the years everything builds up to a nice collection. So if you haven’t chosen your crafty projects for this Christmas, have a look below at some of my favourites.

1: Take your pick from the numerous garland tutorials from A Beautiful Mess. 2: Have a go at making your own Christmas cards like Linzie Hunter. 3: Get ready for Santa with this rustic Stocking Pattern from Kirsten Makes ($5.00). 4: Cheer up your teapot with this Christmas Tree Tea Cosy Kit (£25.35 for pattern, needles and yarn). 5: Make your own bauble wreath using this easy DIY from Everything Fabulous. 6: Decorate boring brown paper by making pencil eraser stamps with Crature Comforts for unique wrapping paper.  7: Craft your own felt mistletoe with Stay at Home Artist. 8: Knit yourself a nativity scene with this pattern from Alan Dart (£2.50).

It’s Time for Black Friday!

Yippee! It’s time for Black Friday! Time to get some of that Christmas shopping out of the way nice and early and with a little bonus, discounts. Hooray. This year, I’m offering the BIGGEST discount I have ever offered for my Knit1Slip1 Etsy Shop and I’m so excited. Been eyeing up my Architect Gloves Pattern? Or know someone who would love a cute cupcake necklace? Fancy treating yourself to a glitzy headband or an ever so cool geometric necklace? Well now it the time to take advantage of our whopping 25% OFF discount code. Just enter the code ‘BLACKFRIDAYWOOP‘ when at the Etsy checkout. It is that easy! I’m making it a priority to package everything up all lovely and ready for gifting as soon as orders are placed and to mail them out within 24 hours so all packages reach their destination long before Christmas.

But you’ll need to get a move on, the offer will only be valid until midday (GMT) on Saturday 26th November.

Decking the Halls

I know it is still just a tad early to be putting up the Christmas decorations but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it! Below are some of my favourite decorations for around the house at the moment. Only 32 shoping days ’til Christmas. Eeek, I can’t wait. Although I haven’t been shopping. I’ve been busy making my 10 handmade ornaments for the 6th Freshly Blended Ornament Swap. I can’t wait to package these babies up and send them to their new owners! I’ll tell you all about it and how to make your own as soon as I have them posted. I don’t wait to ruin the surprise for the recipients now do I? Anyway, check out my finds:

1. Pop Up Christmas Tree (£29.95) 2. Mushroom Tree Decorations (£5.29) 3. Happy Christmas Card (£3) 4. House Tealight Holder (£20) 5. Pop Up Nativity (£11.50) 6. Scalloped Edge Snowballs (£5 for 2) 7. Advent Crackers (£20) 8. Christmas Doormat (£19.95) 9. Selection of Tree Baubles (around £2.50 each) 10.  Laser Cut Wooden Bauble Wreath (£15)

Preparing to Package

I’ve been naughty. I went shopping online with the plan to get all sorted for Christmas wrapping and look what I came away with. How awesome is Pinterest? I fell accross this shop a few months ago and while I absolutely loved what they were selling I didn’t feel I could justify any of the purchases. But, having pinned all my favourite things there they were waiting for me when I needed packaging inspiration for Christmas. And check what I splurged on. I love it all!

In my package were: Pink and Lilac Washi Tape (£5.75); ‘To/From’ Rubber Stamp (£2.35); ‘With Love’ Rubber Stamp (£2.35); 40m of Red & White Bakers Twine (£3.90); 20 Pink Striped Paper Bags (£2.49) and finally as a little treat for me 3 Glass Cupcake Decorations (£5.50).

Now it’s just a matter of making/buying the presents to go inside!

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