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February’s Object of Desire

OK so this month’s Object of Desire is a little bit of  a cheat. Normally I pick things that I’m dreaming of purchasing only the price tag and/or my lack of money prevents me from purchasing. But this month, I’ve been utterly seduced and have succumbed to purchasing this item (yippee for me!). To be fair this has been a very long time coming. I have been wanting a name necklace for forever. I had one when I was little but I don’t remember what happened to it. I have been despe personalise rately begging the boy to buy me one for years. But, he is absolutely against the idea. Over here (in the UK), they don’t have a good rap and are not associated with the classiest of people (that is putting it kindly and mildly). So him being so against them put a little seed of doubt in my mind and so I never had the guts to follow through and buy one for myself.

Well that was until I came across this beauty. And I had to have one. The necklaces are custom made with whatever saying/name you want on them to them and they are made in my favourite city in the world, the wonderful Seattle. OOoohhh! I can’t wait to get mine! Have a look around the maker Foamy Wader’s Etsy Shop, for all her other lovely jewelry (I also love her kissing couple necklace). Go look!

Also, I am keeping up with my Project 2012 goals and have put my first new Etsy listing of 2012 up, these cute Grey Knitted Shoe Clips. Bring on the next 11 months!



Project 2012

It’s that time again – time to set down in stone cyberspace my resolutions for the year. Listed below are my 12 for 2012. These are the most pressing resolutions and life ambitions that I think I can manage to train myself into this year. Some are most definately easier than others, but that is the idea. They can’t all be Everest style missions otherwise I would never be able to complete them. This way I can tick off the easy ones on lazy days and on days when I’m feeling like I can take anything on – well they are the days for epic events. Bring it on.

  1. Read a book a month – OK so this isn’t so ambitious but it is so easy to slip out of the habit of reading regularly. So this is just to get me back in the habit again.
  2. Get myself an iPhone – I’ve wanted one for so long but money is very tight and they are very expensive, therefore no iPhone for me. But hopefully some savvy saving will get me there this year – Done! Hooray! (picture my jumping up and down and squealing. I LOVE my iPhone). And now I can log more about my life via Twitter and Instagram (I’m addicted!).
  3. Do 2 hours of yoga a week – must tone up! – Through my new fitness burst I just stepped back on the scales after a three year absence. I’ve put on ONE STONE. YIPES! Definitely going to try to keep to this.
  4. Post a new listing in my Etsy Shop every month – This one will be tough but I’m up for the challenge. I really want to develop my Etsy Shop much more. Oooh, I have so many ideas floating around my head. I’d better get to it – In the process up putting up new items, See Januarys
  5. Save, Save, Save – Last year I did really well but getting a job, I managed to clear my debts and save a few hundred pounds. This year I want to be even better. Can I triple the amount I’ve saved already? Here’s hoping – This is proving very difficult post Christmas
  6. Take better photographs – One of the downsides of always being on Pinterest is that I see so many stunning and beautiful photographs. It puts me to shame sometimes. I will try harder! – Do Instagram photos count?
  7. Get through my 2012 baking bucket list
  8. Get to 50 Etsy sales – hopefully this will come as I spend more time updating and developing new items for the shop.
  9. Get 200 Pinterest followers (currently 75) and 60 Twitter followers (currently 36) – This would be a great achievement. I still can’t believe that people follow me at all – I’m delighted that people seem to agree with my picks and want to follow my movements on both.
  10. Visit a new country – I love to travel and life is too short to stay in one place, especially when there are so many places and things to see
  11. Purge myself of craft supplies – I am a sucker for crafty supplies – wool, beads, fancy paper, ribbon – you name it I have it and still want more of it. But this is fast taking up the whole apartment. I am going to try and use the supplies I have rather than buy more. Promise, promise, promise.
  12. Do something epic!!! – a must do this year

It’s Time for Black Friday!

Yippee! It’s time for Black Friday! Time to get some of that Christmas shopping out of the way nice and early and with a little bonus, discounts. Hooray. This year, I’m offering the BIGGEST discount I have ever offered for my Knit1Slip1 Etsy Shop and I’m so excited. Been eyeing up my Architect Gloves Pattern? Or know someone who would love a cute cupcake necklace? Fancy treating yourself to a glitzy headband or an ever so cool geometric necklace? Well now it the time to take advantage of our whopping 25% OFF discount code. Just enter the code ‘BLACKFRIDAYWOOP‘ when at the Etsy checkout. It is that easy! I’m making it a priority to package everything up all lovely and ready for gifting as soon as orders are placed and to mail them out within 24 hours so all packages reach their destination long before Christmas.

But you’ll need to get a move on, the offer will only be valid until midday (GMT) on Saturday 26th November.

September’s Object of Desire

OMG, I managed to post a pitiful three times last month! What is wrong with me? I’m up to my ears at the moment trying to capture every last minute of the fleeting Summer. Are you feeling it too? I’m out in what is left of the sunshine, walking and cycling, eating and drinking. And when I’m in the apartment, I’m hurriedly trying to get it ready for our winter hibernation, painting and plastering, decorating and decluttering. Am I nuts?

Anyway, moving on and back to the focus of this post – it’s time for our monthly object of desire. Another little quirky item this month. I’ve been going through a little bit of an Etsy drought lately. Nothing has really grabbed me (maybe it’s that we are in between seasons, i dunno). But I just happened to stumble upon Uncommon and this cute wooden doily (£10/$16). I can definately imagine my milk jug and sugar bowl sitting happily on one, or a big vase of flowers, or some fresh cakes. I love it.



It’s my birthday! Hooray. While I’m off having fun with birthday related antics, and in order to celebrate with you, and to herald in lots of new items in my Etsy shop, you can get 15% off all orders placed on my birthday (see below for code). Woop woop! It you haven’t had a look around lately, here are just a few of the new treats that have appeared…

We have these adorable felt bow shoe clips (below). Clip them to the front or back of your shoes. Perfect for a little pick me up. Get them in three summer colours – dusty pink, burnt yellow and sunkissed red. Get a pair for £4.40 ($7) or just £3.74 ($6) with the discount.

I’m loving geometric shapes at the moments are you? So here is my Green & Black Geometric Necklace (below) – £7.20 ($11.60) or £6.12 ($9.86) after discount. For more images, click on any of the pictures from this post and get taken to my Etsy shop.

Or try my new Midnight Blue Drop Earring (below) design? They are the perfect balance of sparkly and dangly. Try them for £4.08 ($6.60).

All you need to do to redeem your discount is to type ‘HAPPYBDAY’ into the discount code section when passing through the Etsy Checkout. 

Please note that all price conversions are liable to change, and were correct at the time of typing this post.


Wow, I’m shattered. By the time it gets to Thursday I think all my energy has been wiped. Especially when that Thursday also incorporates Paddy’s Day (Happy La Feile Padraig my fellow countrymen). So now it’s Friday and it is the most painful thing to try and drag myself out of bed at 6.00 am. Add to this the fact that I seem to be sniffing and sneezing through typing this, and I have a feeling today is going to be one of those days. Humph. Here’s to some happy crafting hours this weekend to make up for it. Now that’s wishful thinking.

But today I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at new products heading for my Etsy Shop (excitement) and my very festive and patriotic St. Patrick’s Day Bunting – thanks Mum! 😀 Happy weekend everyone

Over the MOOn

I love a good freebie. There is nothing more satisfying to get something you really like but even better to get it for free. So when I saw that Etsy and Moo were teaming up to provide Free Moo Business Cards, I had to go in for it. I’ve been looking longingly at Moo Business cards for ages, but money is very tight at the moment and I still have a good sized supply of my home made business cards. But when I saw that I could get 50 business cards for free and only pay the postage (£3), I was on for it.

May main thought was that it would be a great test – a cheap way to check out their print quality, options and the final product before placing a proper order. So there I sat in front of my computer ready for a long morning uploading pictures, editing their postioning and size and so on. But no! It was so so simple. Did you knot you can give it your web address (web or etsy) and it will go and find the pictures on there. Then you simply tick the ones you would like on your cards – you can have a different picture on each card if you like too. Awesome. I am so pleased with them. They arrived about five days later to excited woops from me. Where is there something so satisfying about having proper business cards. I feel so legit! 😀

So if you pondering about getting some cards for yourself. Give this a go – it’s perfect as a practice run before you shell out some proper money. I highly recommend it.

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