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March’s Object of Desire

This month I am yearning and lusting after a Kindle. Oh how I would love to get my grubby little hands on one. This obsession has only recently taken hold. It goes back to last week, when it was one of those lazy, grey weekends where we were absolutely wiped and fed up of the daily drag and had resolved to spend the weekend just vegging out and hanging around the flat. That was when the urge to read took over. I’ve been meaning to get back in the habit again. I LOVE reading books and getting lost in the stories. When I was younger we would go out to live in the countryside for the summer. We would live in a little house, without a TV (gasp!), mobile phone signal (no landline phone even) and just one radio station. I would plow through the books (I swear I read every sweet valley twins/high book going). I miss that.

So last week, while browsing on Amazon, I decided to try and give the Kindle App a try. Do you know how many free books there are out there? And not just the classics – you can get all sorts of modern writing for free too. Amazon keeps a bestsellers list of both paid for and free books which you can look at broken down into each genre. Even if you do feel like splashing the cash, you can get some great books for bargain prices (like under £1). Awesome! You can read these books on your smart phone, or tablet. I’ve been using my iPhone and occasionally the iPad.

Between last Sunday and today I’d gotten through 9 books (& currently reading ‘One Day‘)! I’m addicted. I read during my lunch break, on the journey home, while waiting in line, while I have 5 minutes in the morning, in the bath, before bed – just as often as I can. And you know, it has actually really improved my mood. It is proving to be a real Spring pick-me-up.

So what I now really want – a Kindle


My Christmas Gift Knitting

Well now that Chritmas is all done and all the presents are unwrapped I can finally show you exactly what I was frantically doing in the run up to the big day. Continuing on my tradition of a crafted christmas and trying to keep the occasion as stress free as possible (ha! that never works out!), I only undertook two knitted projects to gift this season. One for a little baby, my neice, and the other was a small gift for another family member. Both patterns were very simple (I was really trying to keep to this stress free notion), and didn’t use a great deal of wool.The first gift was this lovely sandinavian cardi – Plain Vest by Pickles. What convinced me to make this cardigan is the cuteness of the toddler modeling it. She reminds me a little of myself when I was the same age. Especially her little ponytail. I’m am also a big fan of Pickles. I love their patterns (they give loads away as freebies and sell some too) and their unusual yarns in the most beautiful shades. If you don’t know them check them out. This pattern is actually free for the 1 year old size. And is is so simple. You knit it in one piece, knitting with two skeins at the same time, and it would be great for beginners. I loosened the neck a little more than the pattern said too but other than that I keep to the pattern. If I were to knit it again, I might move the buttons closer together. But all in all, I can’t wait to see it modeled on its recipient. And the second knit was one of my patterns (available free here) – a slouchy hat knit with the nicest chunky grey yarn (I was sorely tempted to keep this for myself). This hat knits up in no time at all and only used just over one 100g ball but I completely left it to the last minute. 30 minutes before I left for the airport I was still tying in loose ends. Next year, I promise to get my Christmas knitting sorted by October (what are the chances?)

I hope my creations have gone to a good home and are going to be loved and looked after. Maybe in 2012 I’ll knit something for myself? Hmm. I’m off to indulge in one too many mince pies and a enough wine to make my cheeks rosy. Throw in a new knitting project and I would be in heaven. Happy Christmas everyone!

Baby Knits

Well I promised it and here it is – my knitting project that I undertook during my month (which actually turned out to be much more than a month) without baking. I just needed something little to start me back into the knitting season (does anyone knit through Summer really?), and luckily all my friends seem to be having babies. It is definitely baby season in this part of the world! And it is always nice to give a little gift but as I am both cash and time poor, it has to be a very small gift. Luckily these booties fit the bill. They only use ends of other balls of wool and take only a night to whip up (minus the making up. Bah! I HATE making up). So to add to the rush of babies here, no one seems to be finding out the sex. So I am left with the dilemma of what non-gender specific colors I should knit up. No pinks or blues here. But I think the green actually worked out rather well. They are quite cute, if I do say so myself.

If you fancy giving them ago, you can get the pattern for free (yippee). It’s the Baby Bootie Pattern by Saartje Knits. There are plenty of step by step photos to help you if you’re feeling nervous about taking them on. I’d say give them a go. I think I may even knit up a few pairs in preparations for what is only going to be more and more babies (oh, am I getting that old…?)

Gifting your Knits

Just a quick one today for you knitters. I love to knit and love to gift my knits. But recently, having taken up knitting for children and babies (where things will be washed frequently), I realised that the recipients of my gifts may not know how best to look after them.

Therefore it’s really important if you gift something you knitted specially (spent money and lots of time on) that you give the recipient the necessary information to take as much care of it as possible. I now always try to attach a little gift tag, with the special washing are care instructions. You can handwrite it, but for a more professional look, why not download this free washing care font? Then all you have to do is type out your care label and print it out. You could even print straight onto fabric and sew your tag into your gift.

Baby Kimono

I’ve got  a new project…. and some good news. Mr. A. and I are going to welcome our first neice/nephew to the family in September. How exciting?! So finally I get to knit baby stuff! I mean knitted items are cute when they are full sized but shrink them down to miniature and they are downright adorable. So taking the opportunity to repurpose the wool from my failed legwarmers I’ve taken on my first baby cardigan challenge. I found this lovely baby kimono pattern by Debbie Bliss free – ace! And so I got knitting.

It’s such a simple pattern, I would recommend it for anyone who is a bit daunted by the though of knitting a cardi. The pattern directions are mostly spot on (just keep an eye out when you do that second sleeve and cast off on the correct side). And together with a soft brown flecked wool I hope it suits a new born (bog/girl we’re not getting to find out. Makes things a bit more of a challenge). I still have some knitting to go, and then making up. I’m on the look out for a cute feature button for it. Can’t wait.

Memory Charms

Mother’s Day is creeping ever closer and it’s time to get thinking of Gifts for you Mum. Given my (and I think many others) finances, an extravagant gift is out. The answer is these photo charms. They are inexpensive but retain a personal touch and will last years. Charm bracelets have become huge again, and these little charms are perfect for attaching to yours or your Mothers. Or alternatively you could string one on a chain and have a lovely locket type necklace. You can put any picture in the charm – a nice landscape from your last holiday, a sketch you did, a pattern sample, the possibilities are endless with this craft. But if you’re making it for you Mother, don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday!

You will need:

To Make your Pendant:

  1. Print your image to about the same size as your pendant finding. I changed my image to Greyscale and boosted the contrast and printed at a size suitable for my round finding.
  2. Using your finding as a guide, cut out you photo trying to keep the edges neat. To test the size place it in your pendant so as to see the fit. If necessary trim a little more
  3. When ready, use PVA Glue to stick your image into your finding on the deepest side. Make sure the edges are glued but don’t flood the finding with glue as it will leave marks. Leave to dry for an hour or so
  4. Using the Fimo Liquid cover your image. Careful to add just enough to bring the liquid in line with the top edge of the finding. Us a pin to burst any bubbles in your liquid as these may expand further when baking if not burst.
  5. Following the Fimo Liquid guides, place your pendant on a baking tray into your preheated oven and baked for the specified time (mine said twenty minutes at 130 degrees, but it’s best to double check your instructions)
  6. Take out of the oven and leave to cool. Once cool it is now ready to be attached to your piece of jewelry -charm bracelet/necklace whatever or simply give as a charm on it’s own.

The Joy of Ceramic Pens

Well I’ve said before that I was super eager to give ceramic pens a go. Ever since I received my beautiful Holiday Swap Ornament from Aesthetic Outburst. I was absolutely smitten with it. My problem was that I just couldn’t think what I wanted to draw on. However, with Christmas came my ace present of an espresso machine (I now have a serious coffee addiction. Delicious!), and I needed a little jug to use when frothing milk (fancy eh?). I have jugs already. It’s just none of them are the right fit. But I was in the supermarket the other day and I wandered upon a bog standard white jug about the right size. It was £3 and so simple it was impossible to offend. I thought for the time being it would do. But then! I managed to get my little mitts of some ceramic pens! And they are just the coolest things ever! I bought fine tips and the control you can get with them is incredible (if only I had a steadier hand). So I set to work on my little boring jug…

Here (below) is my boring old jug before me and my porcelain pen got to work, along with my lovely bauble for inspiration. And then I got doodling! Such great fun. And the best part? It doesn’t need to be put in the oven to set. It naturally air drys. How great? Have you tried porcelain pens?

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