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Baby Knits

Well I promised it and here it is – my knitting project that I undertook during my month (which actually turned out to be much more than a month) without baking. I just needed something little to start me back into the knitting season (does anyone knit through Summer really?), and luckily all my friends seem to be having babies. It is definitely baby season in this part of the world! And it is always nice to give a little gift but as I am both cash and time poor, it has to be a very small gift. Luckily these booties fit the bill. They only use ends of other balls of wool and take only a night to whip up (minus the making up. Bah! I HATE making up). So to add to the rush of babies here, no one seems to be finding out the sex. So I am left with the dilemma of what non-gender specific colors I should knit up. No pinks or blues here. But I think the green actually worked out rather well. They are quite cute, if I do say so myself.

If you fancy giving them ago, you can get the pattern for free (yippee). It’s the Baby Bootie Pattern by Saartje Knits. There are plenty of step by step photos to help you if you’re feeling nervous about taking them on. I’d say give them a go. I think I may even knit up a few pairs in preparations for what is only going to be more and more babies (oh, am I getting that old…?)


December’s Object of Desire

This month’s object of desire is a mix of Christmas, baking and knitting (all the best things which feature high in my December), it is these knitted cupcakes (£10 for four) from Paperchase. I haven’t even put up our tree yet so I don’t have anywhere to hang them. Hasn’t Christmas just crept up on you this year? Getting my present shopping sorted is far higher up my priority list right now. So maybe those more fortunate among you, those of you with your shopping all done and tree all lit up can celebrate with these softies. I however, have not earned them… I’d better head into town to get started…

November’s Object of Desire

OK, so I know some people (me usually) make a point of loudly tisking as I pass christmas cards and wrapping paper displays in shops in September but that that just ridiculous (Marks and Spencer how could you?!) But equally, I am just a susceptible as the next person to getting carried away with a little festive cheer. So this month (as the object of desire lasts a month) I am caving in and picking the first of my favourite Christmas themed decorations. And this month it was oh so easy. Feast your eyes on this –

A set of 10 utterly adorable and utterly kitsch reindeer lights! Yes rudolph glows. How awesome are these? And while priced at £19.95 they are slightly above budget for what is essentially ten fairy lights I think they are worth it. Have you seen how amazingly retro they are! Right I’m off to dig out the tinsel in preparation….

October’s Object of Desire

I am always on the lookout for cute tea towels. They are such a weakness for me. I’m always lurking about ToDryFor or Etsy looking for new prints. Tea towels are great because they are so affordable and changeable. Every few days you have a new one on display. Heck, I’ve even got one or two hanging on my wall -they are just that pretty. So this months Object of Desire is this little architecture/town planning inspired number from the Lisa Jones Studio. I discovered this artist through a card a friend gave me (I love finding out about new designers from friends, don’t you?).

You can buy the Town Tea Towel for £11.50 online at Lisa’s big cartel shop. And I think it is even so pretty you could hang it on your wall to brighten up your room. Why not? And if you are less of a city slicker, you can check out her Country Tea Towel. Fab.

September’s Object of Desire

OMG, I managed to post a pitiful three times last month! What is wrong with me? I’m up to my ears at the moment trying to capture every last minute of the fleeting Summer. Are you feeling it too? I’m out in what is left of the sunshine, walking and cycling, eating and drinking. And when I’m in the apartment, I’m hurriedly trying to get it ready for our winter hibernation, painting and plastering, decorating and decluttering. Am I nuts?

Anyway, moving on and back to the focus of this post – it’s time for our monthly object of desire. Another little quirky item this month. I’ve been going through a little bit of an Etsy drought lately. Nothing has really grabbed me (maybe it’s that we are in between seasons, i dunno). But I just happened to stumble upon Uncommon and this cute wooden doily (£10/$16). I can definately imagine my milk jug and sugar bowl sitting happily on one, or a big vase of flowers, or some fresh cakes. I love it.


August’s Object of Desire

Oh how I love this apron, don’t you? It comes courtesy of Antropologie, which I am loving at the moment. Especially the home department – I could move in there tomorrow! The only thing that breaks my heart a little about this apron is the fact that it is for kids, harsh. I’m trying to think of various ways I could squeeze myself into it!

For £22 it’s a bit pricey for a kids apron but would make a perfect treat for me. I guess there is always one of these adult sized aprons to help ease my broken heart – 1 2 3

July’s Object(s) of Desire – My Birthday Box

This month’s object of desire isn’t so much one thing, as a collection of things. July is my birthday month. And I think it’s an awesome month for a birthday (every 6 months I get presents between it and Christmas. ace! And the weather is a bonus too). So this month I have chosen a birthday inspired collection. I came accross You’re My Fave‘s Birthday Box a couply of months ago (thanks to Pinterest) and I absolutely fell in love with it. So this month I’ve put together my own DIY birthday box.

1. Wicker Picnic Basket (£12.95) 2. Peppermint Candy Buttons (£7.66) 3. Wooden Picnic Cutlery (£2.95) 4. Melamine Picnic Plates (£3 each) 5. Rainbow Cookie Mix in a Jar (£12.50) 6. Happy Birthday Bunting (£7.98) 7. Pink Foil Cupcake Cases (£3.75) 8. Monogrammed Napkins (£8.00 each)

I am especially liking the ginham picnic basket. It would be lovely as a knitting basket. And the monogrammed napkins are just lovely too, although they are the perfect, dainty size to use as hankerchiefs. Lovely.

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