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All Loved Up

Well, the Day is here. The day where you are pressured into trying to show that you and your other half are more head over heals, maldy in love than the couple sitting at the next table for dinner. Not us. We do a very casual Valentines days. Today, work, tonight, pizza and a bottle of wine. Lovely. But the real icing on the cake was my present. The boy got me my very first pair of Toms. Woop woop. They are the Ash Canvas Toms and I’m so eager for warm weather to arrive to get wearing them. I live in converse and vans so I think toms will fit right into my fashion life. And people seem to be very committed to toms and their love for them so they much be good. They certainly are comfy so far. But if you are looking for some special themed toms check out these – Valentines Toms. Happy Love Day all!


In Preparation for Tomorrow

Have you asked your special someone yet? The clock is ticking…

My Christmas Bootie

Christmas was good this year (as every year) and I’m so delighted to be recipient of lots and lots of lovely gifts. I think I’m easy to please (but is that similar to the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ theory on girls that think they are low maintenance??), but everyone aced it this year. I almost couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over so I could come home and try them all out.

1.Sweeties from M&S (only available in store). I love the retro packaging don’t you? 2. Itty bitty slow cooker from Lakeland. It’s only 1.5 litres but it gets great reviews and will be really nice to come home from work to a cooked dinner. 3. Lots of glorious cook books! Hooray. I got four – The Hairy Bikers ‘Perfect Pies’ (yum! I can envision the extra pounds I will be putting on from all the pastry) Valvona & Crolla ‘A Year at an Italian Table’ (V&C is the MOST amazing italian deli/cafe/restaurant in Edinburgh. If you are ever in the city, go! So I can’t wait to be able to cook some of their recipes at home) Mary Berry’s ‘Baking Bible’ (I LOVE Mary Berry. She is definitely the queen of cakes. So many classic recipes in this one) and finally Sarah Lewis’s ‘The Complete Slow Cooker’ (for when I need inspiration for my new slow cooker) All in all, I have LOTS of recipes to get through 4. Felt cupcake & chocolate ornaments – made from pop colours and loaded with beads and glitter. Shame I have to wait ’til next year to display them 5. Donna Wilson ‘Circus Gloves’ I love these! Their bright colours and funky patterns and the fact that they are so cosy. They come right up my arms. Perfect for Scottish Winters and courtesy of the Boy 6. Knitting needles! Yes, my mum bought me needles, and yes I do already have two pairs of 4.5mm needles but that is absolutely not the point. Isn’t it lovely when people buy you crafty things?

Decking the Halls

I know it is still just a tad early to be putting up the Christmas decorations but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it! Below are some of my favourite decorations for around the house at the moment. Only 32 shoping days ’til Christmas. Eeek, I can’t wait. Although I haven’t been shopping. I’ve been busy making my 10 handmade ornaments for the 6th Freshly Blended Ornament Swap. I can’t wait to package these babies up and send them to their new owners! I’ll tell you all about it and how to make your own as soon as I have them posted. I don’t wait to ruin the surprise for the recipients now do I? Anyway, check out my finds:

1. Pop Up Christmas Tree (£29.95) 2. Mushroom Tree Decorations (£5.29) 3. Happy Christmas Card (£3) 4. House Tealight Holder (£20) 5. Pop Up Nativity (£11.50) 6. Scalloped Edge Snowballs (£5 for 2) 7. Advent Crackers (£20) 8. Christmas Doormat (£19.95) 9. Selection of Tree Baubles (around £2.50 each) 10.  Laser Cut Wooden Bauble Wreath (£15)

February’s Object of Desire

It’s the beginning of the month and time for another ‘Object of Desire’ and this month I’m bowing down to the pressure of Valentines Day. But that’s the joy of the monthly ‘Object of Desire’ sometimes. Sometimes it’s something you think is absolutely heart meltingly gorgeous but you can’t afford or justify buying. And that completely sums up my pick. It’s a Heart Shaped Mixing bowl with Heart Shaped Spoon (to be found at Heals for £38). Hope adorable would making cake batter in this be or putting it on the dinner table laden with salad, or on movie night brimming over with popcorn? Lovely.

6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Bows

This is the next in our series of hair clips and I’m absolutely in love with them. Aren’t they the cutest? And like the other projects they take very little effort to make. I’ve been wearing them all week long, when they are not in my hair they are clipped to my winter jacket, brightening up the drab weather. For these I used regular sized hair clips.

To Make:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of felt – both 2 cms thick, one 12cm long and one 4cm long
  2. Take your big piece of felt – fold it to make the main bow (see below left) and secure in place with a pin. Sew to fully secure
  3. Using you small piece of felt wrap it around the centre of your bow and sew in place. Trim any extra felt
  4. Sew your bow onto your pre-covered hair clip

Finally puff up your bow a little and you’re set. It couldn’t be simpler. Good luck!


I have an inability to pass a bargain. This can be a good thing, although now and again it proves a great weakness of mine. I was out shopping the other day when I came across a giant, alien blue plastic mass with a handle claiming to serve all my crafting needs. I had to have it, despite not having a clue what in hell it was. So thats the short story as to how I became the (proud?) owner of a Die Cut XL. Turns out it’s actually quite fun. And could prove very handy as I try to complete no. 1 on my crafting wish list.

I’m trying to boycott buying any of the embossing or cutting plates that go with it and make my own, which is actually very simple and gives me a far greater variety of what I can do. Taking some free fonts which I already have on my computer and using Illustrator I was about setting up some basic cards, then printed them out on A5 card paper. I also printed an extra copy of each banner type, pasted it onto some medium weight card and cut around them leaving a generous border.

I then sandwiched my black rubber mat between the card and fixed my cut out banner over the printed card one, and passed it a few times through the die cutter. And viola! My first cards. I love them and thought I’d share them with you. I think you could still do these without a die cut. You would need the black rubber/foam piece though and a little patience as you weighted the cards down with books. But otherwise, easy peasy.

Here are some of the sample cards I made, available as PDF’s. Just download and print at A5 size:

Lime ‘Thank-You’ Banner; Navy ‘Congratulations’ BannerRed ‘Best Wishes’ bannerScarlet ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner;

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