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Bead Soup

As part of my Spring cleansing (doe anything feel better that getting rid of some of that clutter that has built up over the Winter???) I decided the other day to gather up all my unwanted jewelry (both bought and my own creations) and rather than just chucking them out I thought I should deconstruct them. Some of them had the most lovely beads, it’s just that they were not working in their current assembly. I’m all for recycling too, especially when beads from bead shops cost so much. So at the end of my butchering I was left with these –

A good haul don’t you think? Now I just need some pondering time while I think of what to do with them….. Any thoughts?


Memory Charms

Mother’s Day is creeping ever closer and it’s time to get thinking of Gifts for you Mum. Given my (and I think many others) finances, an extravagant gift is out. The answer is these photo charms. They are inexpensive but retain a personal touch and will last years. Charm bracelets have become huge again, and these little charms are perfect for attaching to yours or your Mothers. Or alternatively you could string one on a chain and have a lovely locket type necklace. You can put any picture in the charm – a nice landscape from your last holiday, a sketch you did, a pattern sample, the possibilities are endless with this craft. But if you’re making it for you Mother, don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday!

You will need:

To Make your Pendant:

  1. Print your image to about the same size as your pendant finding. I changed my image to Greyscale and boosted the contrast and printed at a size suitable for my round finding.
  2. Using your finding as a guide, cut out you photo trying to keep the edges neat. To test the size place it in your pendant so as to see the fit. If necessary trim a little more
  3. When ready, use PVA Glue to stick your image into your finding on the deepest side. Make sure the edges are glued but don’t flood the finding with glue as it will leave marks. Leave to dry for an hour or so
  4. Using the Fimo Liquid cover your image. Careful to add just enough to bring the liquid in line with the top edge of the finding. Us a pin to burst any bubbles in your liquid as these may expand further when baking if not burst.
  5. Following the Fimo Liquid guides, place your pendant on a baking tray into your preheated oven and baked for the specified time (mine said twenty minutes at 130 degrees, but it’s best to double check your instructions)
  6. Take out of the oven and leave to cool. Once cool it is now ready to be attached to your piece of jewelry -charm bracelet/necklace whatever or simply give as a charm on it’s own.


Drum roll please……………………..!

We have two winners of our Cupcake Necklaces from our One Year Birthday Giveaway. Picked by they were lucky 5 and 11, that means well done to The Prickly Pinecone and Kelly from Writings Rambling and Reviews. You two, be sure to check out all the different types of cupcakes to choose from in our Etsy Shop.

Thanks for all your kind comments and to all those who entered our giveaway. I hope you’re not too disappointed if you missed out on a prize. Don’t forget we still are offering 15% off everything in our Etsy Shop with the code ‘HAPPYBDAY‘ Go on, treat yourself

March’s Object of Desire

In the immortal words of Queen – I want to ride my Bicycle!

How absolutely irresistable is this necklace by PianoBenchDesigns in New Mexico? This necklace would definately improve my Spring/Summer mood and have my rearing to get out on my old bike, ringing my bell, picnic safely depositied in the front basket, my hair blowing in the wind, sun on my face……

Wow, back to reality. Get in the mood for long summer days with this gorgeously simple silver necklace. You can find it here for $40.00/£25.47. Or check out all their equally adorable silver wire jewelry.

Shop Update

So as part of Project 2011 I’m expanding my Etsy Empire. Ha, that’s laughable. An Empire it is not, a cosy little collection is probably more apt and more to my liking. I’m having such fun thinking up and bringing to life my ideas. My little cupcake markers have been such a hit, that I thought I would make a little something for baking queens and the non-knitting divas out there. May I introduce Cupcake Love Necklaces. All the deliciousness but with non of the calories of the real thing! Perfect for maintaining all those New Year’s Diet resolutions.

You can choose from four yummy varieties – Strawberry Frosted, Sprinkles, Raspberry Swirl and Cherry on top. You can find them in my Etsy Shop for £5.70 (US $9). Declare your lasting love of baked goods and wear these necklaces proud! What do you think?

6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Beads

Today’s hair clip idea is both simple and infuriating. I’m a beader. And one of the biggest problems I suffer from is committing to my chosen beads. I spent most of my time going ‘how about this’ or ‘ooo, what about these?’ By the time I get round to deciding it’s three hours later and I’m exhausted. So for me teaming bead decisions with all the possible patterns to sew them on in, is an endless pass time. I started with a simple combo this time but I think it’s the kind of craft that I’m going to do over and over and have one in every color and for every mood. I can’t wait.

To make a beaded hair clip, I used a jumbo hair clip but you could use a normal sized one with seed beads or smaller sized beads. Simply sew your chosen beads on to your hair clip cover in your desired pattern. Like the rest of these hair clip tutorials it couldn’t be simpler. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your own accessories. I’d love to see them!

6 Ways with… Hair Clips: Roses

I love this project. Although this is not my idea, I think it is completely acceptable to reiterate an awesome crafty idea. This one is Rose Barrettes by the Purl Bee. Any photo tutorial I made could not match theirs. It’s simple and clear the steps needed to create this beauty and look how effective? One you’ve made your rose (or roses that would look cute too), simply sew them on to you hair clip covers. It’s just that easy. I love these roses so much I’ll looking at some kind of way to integrate them into my christmas decorations this year. Maybe a wreath? I’ll have a think on it.

Meanwhile, I’m still on holiday and struggling with it. Do you other crafters struggle to relax while away from home? I think it is because I don’t have a project to get on with. Nothing but website updates and things I’ve been putting off for months and months. Any ideas on what to do to relax?

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