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Project 2012

It’s that time again – time to set down in stone cyberspace my resolutions for the year. Listed below are my 12 for 2012. These are the most pressing resolutions and life ambitions that I think I can manage to train myself into this year. Some are most definately easier than others, but that is the idea. They can’t all be Everest style missions otherwise I would never be able to complete them. This way I can tick off the easy ones on lazy days and on days when I’m feeling like I can take anything on – well they are the days for epic events. Bring it on.

  1. Read a book a month – OK so this isn’t so ambitious but it is so easy to slip out of the habit of reading regularly. So this is just to get me back in the habit again.
  2. Get myself an iPhone – I’ve wanted one for so long but money is very tight and they are very expensive, therefore no iPhone for me. But hopefully some savvy saving will get me there this year – Done! Hooray! (picture my jumping up and down and squealing. I LOVE my iPhone). And now I can log more about my life via Twitter and Instagram (I’m addicted!).
  3. Do 2 hours of yoga a week – must tone up! – Through my new fitness burst I just stepped back on the scales after a three year absence. I’ve put on ONE STONE. YIPES! Definitely going to try to keep to this.
  4. Post a new listing in my Etsy Shop every month – This one will be tough but I’m up for the challenge. I really want to develop my Etsy Shop much more. Oooh, I have so many ideas floating around my head. I’d better get to it – In the process up putting up new items, See Januarys
  5. Save, Save, Save – Last year I did really well but getting a job, I managed to clear my debts and save a few hundred pounds. This year I want to be even better. Can I triple the amount I’ve saved already? Here’s hoping – This is proving very difficult post Christmas
  6. Take better photographs – One of the downsides of always being on Pinterest is that I see so many stunning and beautiful photographs. It puts me to shame sometimes. I will try harder! – Do Instagram photos count?
  7. Get through my 2012 baking bucket list
  8. Get to 50 Etsy sales – hopefully this will come as I spend more time updating and developing new items for the shop.
  9. Get 200 Pinterest followers (currently 75) and 60 Twitter followers (currently 36) – This would be a great achievement. I still can’t believe that people follow me at all – I’m delighted that people seem to agree with my picks and want to follow my movements on both.
  10. Visit a new country – I love to travel and life is too short to stay in one place, especially when there are so many places and things to see
  11. Purge myself of craft supplies – I am a sucker for crafty supplies – wool, beads, fancy paper, ribbon – you name it I have it and still want more of it. But this is fast taking up the whole apartment. I am going to try and use the supplies I have rather than buy more. Promise, promise, promise.
  12. Do something epic!!! – a must do this year

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