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February’s Object of Desire

OK so this month’s Object of Desire is a little bit of  a cheat. Normally I pick things that I’m dreaming of purchasing only the price tag and/or my lack of money prevents me from purchasing. But this month, I’ve been utterly seduced and have succumbed to purchasing this item (yippee for me!). To be fair this has been a very long time coming. I have been wanting a name necklace for forever. I had one when I was little but I don’t remember what happened to it. I have been despe personalise rately begging the boy to buy me one for years. But, he is absolutely against the idea. Over here (in the UK), they don’t have a good rap and are not associated with the classiest of people (that is putting it kindly and mildly). So him being so against them put a little seed of doubt in my mind and so I never had the guts to follow through and buy one for myself.

Well that was until I came across this beauty. And I had to have one. The necklaces are custom made with whatever saying/name you want on them to them and they are made in my favourite city in the world, the wonderful Seattle. OOoohhh! I can’t wait to get mine! Have a look around the maker Foamy Wader’s Etsy Shop, for all her other lovely jewelry (I also love her kissing couple necklace). Go look!

Also, I am keeping up with my Project 2012 goals and have put my first new Etsy listing of 2012 up, these cute Grey Knitted Shoe Clips. Bring on the next 11 months!




It’s my birthday! Hooray. While I’m off having fun with birthday related antics, and in order to celebrate with you, and to herald in lots of new items in my Etsy shop, you can get 15% off all orders placed on my birthday (see below for code). Woop woop! It you haven’t had a look around lately, here are just a few of the new treats that have appeared…

We have these adorable felt bow shoe clips (below). Clip them to the front or back of your shoes. Perfect for a little pick me up. Get them in three summer colours – dusty pink, burnt yellow and sunkissed red. Get a pair for £4.40 ($7) or just £3.74 ($6) with the discount.

I’m loving geometric shapes at the moments are you? So here is my Green & Black Geometric Necklace (below) – £7.20 ($11.60) or £6.12 ($9.86) after discount. For more images, click on any of the pictures from this post and get taken to my Etsy shop.

Or try my new Midnight Blue Drop Earring (below) design? They are the perfect balance of sparkly and dangly. Try them for £4.08 ($6.60).

All you need to do to redeem your discount is to type ‘HAPPYBDAY’ into the discount code section when passing through the Etsy Checkout. 

Please note that all price conversions are liable to change, and were correct at the time of typing this post.


Drum roll please……………………..!

We have two winners of our Cupcake Necklaces from our One Year Birthday Giveaway. Picked by they were lucky 5 and 11, that means well done to The Prickly Pinecone and Kelly from Writings Rambling and Reviews. You two, be sure to check out all the different types of cupcakes to choose from in our Etsy Shop.

Thanks for all your kind comments and to all those who entered our giveaway. I hope you’re not too disappointed if you missed out on a prize. Don’t forget we still are offering 15% off everything in our Etsy Shop with the code ‘HAPPYBDAY‘ Go on, treat yourself

What’s New in February?

*** Don’t forget today is the last day to enter our birthday competition for the chance to win one of two cupcake necklaces we’re giving away! Check it out while there is still time! ***

Above: Alice Lost in Wonderland Necklace (£7.60/$12.20) & Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Necklace (£7.60/$12.20)

I can’t believe February’s almost over. It always goes by in such a blur. I think it might even make my list of least favourite months. Bring on March I say. But one thing I thought would be nice to do, would be to have a recap of the month in my Etsy Store.

It’s been a great (but very hectic month). I started working full time so I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to get new listings and completely new things in the shop. We finally have more jewelry! Hooray! I’ve been wanted to make more ever since I got all your kinds comments about my jewelry tutorials I post. So this month we welcome the beginnings of our Alice in Wonderland series. Vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations set in oval pendants behind protective resin, with a couple of cute and colorful beads to finish them off. I love them, and have been wearing them non-stop. What do you think?

Above: Cream Tweed Knitted Flower Shoe Clips (£6.50/$10.40) & Purple Knitted Flower Shoe Clips (£6.50/$10.40)

And then secondly, I’ve been getting in the summer mood with knitted shoe clips! I live in pumps in Spring and Summer. I adore them. But I have a problem finding suitably cute pumps. Every summer of so I find one incredible pair, but all pumps are just so light and delicate that they really don’t last longer than a season. But the answer to that? Simple – it’s adorable shoe clips. Find shoe clips you love and clip them on plain shoes. Easy. And even better is that you can keep changing the look of your existing shoe collection by brightening them up with jazzy shoe clips. They don’t have to be restricted to pumps either – wear them on work shoes, loafers, high heels, uggs or boots, anything! Wear them to the front or side, even the back. Clip them where ever you want.

So what do you think of our new contributions? I adore them and I hope you do too. So go have a peek at how the shop is looking and maybe even brighten up your Spring look with our new wears.

1st Birthday Giveaway

Hip Hip Hooray! has made it to it’s first birthday and it’s time to party!

And we want you to celebrate with us with cake! Or more precisely, we’re giving away one of our cupcake necklaces to two lucky winners – but as a gift to every reader, we’re handing out vouchers to all our followers. Use the code ‘HAPPYBDAY‘ to get 15% off every purchase in Knit1Slip1’s Etsy Shop.

But to enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

  • Subscribe to our blog
  • Comment on this post
  • Add an item from our shop or our shop to your favourites on Etsy
  • Follow us on Twitter @Knit1Slip1
  • Mentions us @Knit1Slip1 on Twitter
  • Retweet about the giveaway

Each of these counts as an entry and the giveaway is open to all readers, regardless of location. Two lucky readers will get the chance to win one of our Cupcake Love Necklaces – with the choice of Strawberry Frosted, Sprinkles, Raspberry Swirl or Cherry on Top. Delicious!

Shop Update

So as part of Project 2011 I’m expanding my Etsy Empire. Ha, that’s laughable. An Empire it is not, a cosy little collection is probably more apt and more to my liking. I’m having such fun thinking up and bringing to life my ideas. My little cupcake markers have been such a hit, that I thought I would make a little something for baking queens and the non-knitting divas out there. May I introduce Cupcake Love Necklaces. All the deliciousness but with non of the calories of the real thing! Perfect for maintaining all those New Year’s Diet resolutions.

You can choose from four yummy varieties – Strawberry Frosted, Sprinkles, Raspberry Swirl and Cherry on top. You can find them in my Etsy Shop for £5.70 (US $9). Declare your lasting love of baked goods and wear these necklaces proud! What do you think?

Ahoy Ahoy!

Hello Sailor! It’s time to take to the Seas with this nautical inspired necklace. I’m a sucker for anything ocean themed, but blue stripes, anchors, bows, or knots on it and I want it more than anything on earth. So it’s time that I accessorized my collection even more with this lovely necklace. Best of all, it costs less than £1 if you manage to use mainly reclaimed scraps like me.

All you’ll need to make it is:

  • 4 pieces of cord, 30cm in length, diameter of around half a centimeter. I used the shopping handles of a bag from french connection. Keep you’re eye out, some of the fancier shops give away bags with nice cord handles. Otherwise any cord or rope will do the job.
  • 4 jump rings
  • Gold chain to your desired length
  • Lobster clasp

To Make:

  1. Take one length of cord and tie a loose figure of 8 just like the one shown (above left).
  2. Take your second piece of cord and follow your first piece of cord. Do this with your third and fourth lengths of cord
  3. Tighten up your figure of 8 gently and making sure all pieces of cord stay along side one another
  4. With the ends that face on to the front of your knot, pull them to the back, trim them and glue in place
  5. With the ends that face on to the back of your knot, trim them and glue in place
  6. At the back of your knot, lightly spread a little glue between each cord to avoid them moving when you’re wearing it
  7. Thread 2 jump rings through the back of your knot, attach your chain and add your clasp to the chain and you’re ready to wear

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