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February’s Object of Desire

OK so this month’s Object of Desire is a little bit of  a cheat. Normally I pick things that I’m dreaming of purchasing only the price tag and/or my lack of money prevents me from purchasing. But this month, I’ve been utterly seduced and have succumbed to purchasing this item (yippee for me!). To be fair this has been a very long time coming. I have been wanting a name necklace for forever. I had one when I was little but I don’t remember what happened to it. I have been despe personalise rately begging the boy to buy me one for years. But, he is absolutely against the idea. Over here (in the UK), they don’t have a good rap and are not associated with the classiest of people (that is putting it kindly and mildly). So him being so against them put a little seed of doubt in my mind and so I never had the guts to follow through and buy one for myself.

Well that was until I came across this beauty. And I had to have one. The necklaces are custom made with whatever saying/name you want on them to them and they are made in my favourite city in the world, the wonderful Seattle. OOoohhh! I can’t wait to get mine! Have a look around the maker Foamy Wader’s Etsy Shop, for all her other lovely jewelry (I also love her kissing couple necklace). Go look!

Also, I am keeping up with my Project 2012 goals and have put my first new Etsy listing of 2012 up, these cute Grey Knitted Shoe Clips. Bring on the next 11 months!



June’s Object of Desire

I love Converse. Love Love Love. They are the closest thing to trainers I own, I wear them on days off, I wear them to work, I wear them in Summer, in Winter, casually, and formally. You will not get me out of my converse. I came across this image on Pinterest, and it just sums up the way my shoe collection heads.

They are my go to shoes. Mr. A is always getting on to me that I don’t own any proper shoes. In the winter my feet get wet, and cold and I constantly fall over in the ice and snow due to the absolute lack of grip. If I dare even moan a little, he starts off on his ‘converse aren’t proper shoes’ rant. But I don’t want practical, I want cool. And that is what converse is for me.

Lately however, I had become very annoyed with them. They seem to have become super popular. Now you can’t get a pair of converse for much less than £40.00. What???!! I remember when they were cheap as chips. Low tops for £25, high tops £28. Easy. So that is why they are my object of desire for this month – how about a pair of converse lite (£37)? Cheery blue low tops (£37)? Or classic red high tops (£35)?

May’s Object of Desire

Oh, I’ve got that floaty lovely Summer feeling and so this month’s ‘Object of Desire’ captures that feeling completely.

This month I’m dreaming of this bright and breezy Summer dress from eShakti for $54. I comes in almost every colour but how could you not choose this happy yellow? Oh, how I want it so bad. Team if with some cute pumps and a little grey cardigan and a nice leather belt….. *sigh* The bad news it that they don’t deliver outside the US. Poo. So all you American readers, I hope you make the most of your location and snap up this beauty. As for me, I guess I’ll only be seeing in my sleep. Humph.

March’s Object of Desire

In the immortal words of Queen – I want to ride my Bicycle!

How absolutely irresistable is this necklace by PianoBenchDesigns in New Mexico? This necklace would definately improve my Spring/Summer mood and have my rearing to get out on my old bike, ringing my bell, picnic safely depositied in the front basket, my hair blowing in the wind, sun on my face……

Wow, back to reality. Get in the mood for long summer days with this gorgeously simple silver necklace. You can find it here for $40.00/£25.47. Or check out all their equally adorable silver wire jewelry.

January’s Object of Desire

Ok, so the piggy bank is looking pretty empty this time of year. I hate January because you’ve finished buying presents for everyone else in your life and you have time again to think of yourself, only you have no funds left to treat yourself. So I’m very sorry if I’m tempting you with this month’s pick.

I absolutely adore it. It’s a new year and I want to take even more pictures than ever, which practically makes this bag a necessity right? (that’s what I’m trying to tell myself) I hate carrying around a camera bag which is so obviously a camera bag. I feel like I have two signs hanging from me – One saying ‘I’m an obnoxious tourist’ and another saying ‘Mug me.’ Not something I like or want. But this bag is so far from your standard camera bag. If only it was mine! It’s $115/£75 from Stash on Etsy. I’d better start saving.

I came across it and all it’s sister bags while I was composing my first Etsy treasury – Scotland the Brave and Best. In honor of upcoming Burn’s Night I put together some of my top picks of Scottish made and Scottish inspired listings. There is not a one I wouldn’t be delighted to receive 🙂 and the best part is items go from $2.50/£1.60 to $71/£46 so there is something for every budget.

I hope you enjoy, and get into the Scottish spirit!

November’s Object of Desire

Happy November everyone! I can’t believe it’s here already. But as with the start of every month, it’s time for this month’s ‘Object of Desire.’ This month I will be lusting over Jack Will’s Broadly Gloves. I’m not normally a fan of Jack Wills, but I’m finding these Broadley Gloves irresistible.  I love their colorful intarsia and I’m especially a fan of the fact that they are on a string! I’ll never loose them. And for the price of £24, they are a little steep for gloves but I couldn’t buy the wool needed to make similar ones for any cheaper. They are 100% lambswool and also come in a navy color. I’m lusting after them alot.

October’s Object of Desire

October’s object of desire are these very cute Flamingo Sleep Shorts from Face Face. How adorable are they? Their quirky pattern and big bright bow makes them just lovely. I am fully onboard with Prudent Baby’s Operation Sleep Cute, but unfortunately I completely lack the sewing ability to whip up cute creatations from nothing using a sewing machine. And therefore, I must resort to scouring the shops. For the price of £12.00, I’ve found my ideal sleep attire. Happy days.

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