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Over the MOOn

I love a good freebie. There is nothing more satisfying to get something you really like but even better to get it for free. So when I saw that Etsy and Moo were teaming up to provide Free Moo Business Cards, I had to go in for it. I’ve been looking longingly at Moo Business cards for ages, but money is very tight at the moment and I still have a good sized supply of my home made business cards. But when I saw that I could get 50 business cards for free and only pay the postage (£3), I was on for it.

May main thought was that it would be a great test – a cheap way to check out their print quality, options and the final product before placing a proper order. So there I sat in front of my computer ready for a long morning uploading pictures, editing their postioning and size and so on. But no! It was so so simple. Did you knot you can give it your web address (web or etsy) and it will go and find the pictures on there. Then you simply tick the ones you would like on your cards – you can have a different picture on each card if you like too. Awesome. I am so pleased with them. They arrived about five days later to excited woops from me. Where is there something so satisfying about having proper business cards. I feel so legit! 😀

So if you pondering about getting some cards for yourself. Give this a go – it’s perfect as a practice run before you shell out some proper money. I highly recommend it.


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