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Oh I’ve been just so so bold. I’ve gone and left you for weeks and weeks. I don’t know what came over me, you know when you just get so overwhelmed with things that some things you let slide. Well, unfortunately I let blogging slip. Woopsie. But on the bright side I feel fresh as a daisy and ready to get right back to it.

So what exactly have I been up to while away from here? Have you seen on Instagram and Twitter? I’m loving taking quick snaps of my day. Like this one above from when I went and had a little undocumented holiday (I love than the old fashioned propellers on the plane and the style of the photo makes it look like it’s from the golden age of air travel). Are you on instagram? Let me know.


I’ll be Home for Christmas

Oh my! It has been forever since my last blog update. I’m so sorry! But I assure you I have a really good reason, I promise. It’s Christmas time (whoopee) and the time for the trip home to spend the holidays with family. It is a very simple concept, and something which has never proved difficult before. Generally, traveling home will take about five hours (including all the airport waiting time, connecting trains and so on). This year? Three hellish days! I could have killed someone. And the amount of times I nearly turned around and said ‘stuff it.’ Why? Well because the UK and Ireland has been thrown into chaos by yet MORE snow, about a foot. More snow than I’ve ever seen at home in my life. You see we’re right on the coast, in a warm temperate climate. We never had snow like this ever in my life. I remember all those nights I spent when I was little, praying for a big snow, so school would be canceled and I could spend the day out having fun. I had never sledged, or made a snow man until I moved to Scotland. But anyway, I’m getting off point. Basically mother nature has dump a boat load of the white stuff right on top of us. But thankfully, as my Christmas miracle, after those three days, I made it home. Alot of people are not so lucky, all the airports are effectively closed, and there is just no way home until after Christmas. What a shame.

So that is my reason for no posts. I’m very sorry. I’ll (fingers crossed) never do it again. Right now I’m off to stuff my face with pre-Christmas treats, find some wrapping paper and a Christmas CD. If you managed to get home for Christmas, enjoy it, and if not, well you can still spoil yourself. And if you had a worse journey home, please share. Misery loves company!

Exploring the City

I’m off to explore the city; to enjoy the weather, watch the leaves and drink some coffee today. I leave you with the recommendation that you do the same. Take time out from life and just watch the city go by. *Sigh* My ideal day.

This is a photo I took of the city from Edinburgh Castle. You could definitely spend a whole day there. Maybe that’s where I’ll end up today. Lets see what whim takes me. New posts coming at the weekend.

Barcelona – How Can I Forget?

After all that studying I thought it might be time to take a break and hop the next flight to the sun. So to Barcelona I headed. I’ve been down in that area alot lately, but never to Barcelona. With my Pop as my travel companion, I hit the airport (shiver, bad feeling remains from my ash cloud experience). We spent five sunny days exploring the sights and sounds of the city and it was ace.

We walked non-stop and covered loads of ground (my torn up feet are a testament to that), and here are some of the highlights. Like all the Gaudi Buildings in the city. They are absolutely stunning; fun and free buildings modeled on nature and covered in mosaics and other intricate detailing.

The Sagrada Familia church is perhaps the most iconic of all buildings in Spain (and the most visited). It is something to witness. I think I would want a few days solely to visit it as the detailing is incredible, your never going to spot everything first time. The inside columns are just like flower stems or tree trunks reaching above the canopy. Stunning. I could really take some inspiration for some jewelry.

These are some close ups on the type of broken tile detailing that Gaudi did (from Park Guell). Its amazing that even through the tiles have been smashed they retain a sort of pattern.

And then there was my must see building, that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time now. The infamous Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe. It was wonderful to visit it and it was just as beautiful as it had appeared in all the pictures, the only down side was that I had to share it with a mass of students who got into most of my shots. *sigh* you can’t have everything.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was on the final night heading to see the Font Magica in the Olympic Park. Built at the same time as the Barcelona Pavilion for the same Worlds Expo, it was the first fountain to combine music and lights into a synchronized performance. It capped the holiday nicely.

Overall, Barcelona is a great city; with the mountains, the city and the beach. But worthy of a return visit? Maybe. Although I still have so many more places to tick off!

Planes (or not), Trains and Automobiles

I’m finally home! And it certainly was an adventure getting back but it was an experience. Five countries in four hectic days. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And the bad news is that it cost me so much trying to get home over land that I’m unexpectedly very low on funds and therefore some crafting cutbacks will have to be made. Hopefully I can find enough odds and ends of projects around the flat to keep me busy though until I’m out of the red. Fingers crossed. My thoughts are with all those who managed to claw their way back home and those still waiting. Not long now I hope.

Above is a picture taken from our rickety sleeper train window looking out into Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains. Probably the only blissful second in the whole journey home. Glad I can share it though.

O Porto!

Well, I’ve been in Porto for the last few days and you haven’t heard a peep from me. Sorry about that, but all this sun, sea and well architecture has kept me busy! The highlight of the past few days has definitely been Casa da Musica by Rem Koolhaas/OMA (2005). It features on a list of the top five contemporary architecture pieces you must see (i’ve got three of the five now; The Gherkin, and the Neues Museum Berlin). But it’s a stunning building and very representative of Koolhass. Wandering around its labyrinth it reminded me very much of his Seattle Public Library. If you’re in Portugal, its worth a visit.

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