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Chocolate Roulade

Well here begins the baking for my Baking 2012. Eep! I’m excited. I have a top ten list of my dream bakes to learn how to do this year. And here I’m starting off with roulade. It’s awesome. Did you know you basically only need eggs and sugar? Perfect for when you’re out of butter (that’s me all the time), so in facts it is a perfect store cupboard bake. I started off with Mary Berry’s Ultimate Chocolate Roulade. What better way than to start with a recipe from the queen of baking right?

It was such a simple recipe and everything went absolutely swimmingly except until I went to roll up my roulade. It totally stuck to the baking parchment. Groan! Oh well, I just used the baker’s cover up – icing sugar. Also I developed my own filling. Instead of using the orange zest in the recipe, I added a splash of toffee vodka to the whipped cream filling. And yum! Chocolate, toffee, boozy loveliness.

But I don’t think this is roulades ticked off my list just yet. I’m going to solve this sticking problem with the next one fingers crossed.


Happy Hour at Our House

A month has been and gone and after some very patient waiting our homemade, flavoured vodka is ready! Looking at cherry and lemon spirits though they still had sediment left in them, especially the lemon vodka. So I searched out some muslin, and went about straining each vodka through a double layer suspended in a sieve, not really expecting much. When we made them, we did try and strain them through coffee filters, but I think they filter much too finely. The vodka could barely pass through them and simply welled up instead, so on I went with my muslin experiment and wow! What a result. They came out crystal clear. Especially the lemon vodka. It came out looking identical to our inspiration; Lemon vodka from Demijohn, in Edinburgh. Awesome.

So I broke out my reclaimed drinks tray and got the party started. If you’re looking for a tip, the lemon is lovely straight as an after dinner cleanser and the cherry is delicious diluted with chilled, bitter lemon. Yum. Happy Summer!

Make Mine a Double

Friends of Mr. A. and I have started brewing their own ale and have been making a new batch every two months or so through the Winter. I’ve been so jealous at their new found expertise that I decided to try my hand at something similar. I don’t have any of the kit needed for beer (nor do I want more ‘stuff’ crammed into the flat) so beer was out. However, after being inspired by Demijohn in Edinburgh, and in the hopes of capturing that summer feeling, it was agreed that flavoured vodka was the way. I found a recipe for cherry vodka in June’s Olive magazine and adapted it slightly, and Mr. A’s vodka was going to be a variation on the recipe using lemon.

First, the cherry vodka:

  1. Slit 200g of Cherries and place them in a pot
  2. Add 100g of Caster Sugar and 75ml of Water and bring to the boil
  3. Stirring occasionally, simmer the cherries with the lid on for about 15 minutes
  4. Strain the mixture. I used coffee filters, muslin cloth could also be used
  5. Add 400ml of Vodka to the cherry juice and decant into a bottle
  6. Leave for a month to infuse and then enjoy! Keep in the freezer to get the best taste, and drink straight as an after dinner drink or with tonic for a fizzy summer treat.

Mr. A. followed the same recipe but replaced the cherries with lemon. Beware though, the lemon was much more difficult to strain and I think came out far more cloudy that the cherry. I guess the real test will be in a months time when they are ready to drink (although I think I know mine is going to be the better :P). Thats just in time for my birthday! Add good weather and a BBQ and it will be good times.

This is such a simple recipe and it doesn’t take much time at all, the only problem is restraining yourself for 1 month while you wait for it to be drinkable. I’m already planning to try it with other flavours; rhubarb, lime, basil, vanilla…. Long may Summer last.

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